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Teacher's note


I get sidetracked easily.

So when I was looking for a document in our filing cabinet the other day and I came across some of my husband's grade school papers, the document search of course went straight out the window. Because 20 minutes of looking at old drawings, pictures, and papers from your hubby's childhood days is just way more fun!

Especially when you find a teacher's note handwritten on his 6th grade school report:

"Russ has an unbelievable energy level. He's been a positive example to other boys in the room when he provides words of encouragement to needing individuals. Russ could use improvement in his listening skills."

Oh ho ho ho! That exactly describes Russell to this day! ENDLESS energy, incredible exhorter, and a bit of a poor listener! (I say that in love, honey ;)

So funny how after 24 years, things haven't changed.
Little cutie patootie!


  1. And that precisely, is what makes Russell "Russell". and if you're ever feeling blue, Russell is the number one cheerer upper!

  2. Wow, totally Blake but with your teeth !

  3. Some things don't change do they!!! I can't wait to see a photo of Blake at this age so you can do side by side!!

  4. That's my bro!
    It is amazing that teachers reports can be so accurate, I know mine where.

  5. I remember that kid!!!! What a great guy. :)

  6. That IS cute, lol! I also agree that he looks a lot like Blake! :O