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Monday Confessional


I was so proud of myself Sunday morning. I woke up early, remembered we were on door greeting duty at church, got ready ON TIME, and had the whole family there 25 minutes before the service.

Another young lady was already at the door so I told her that we'd take over and she didn't need to cover for us. 

"Oh", she said confusedly, "I was asked a week ago to door greet".
"Don't worry about it", I replied, "we've been on the schedule for a long time and it must have just been overlooked". 

So we took over and all was well. 

Funny thing is, today I looked at the calendar I keep on my phone and noticed something odd...
we're on door greeting duty NEXT Sunday. 

Ha ha ho... ohh hum bug


  1. Too Funny...laughed at your last line do you have to door greet this Sunday also??

    1. I don't know but we probably will :)

  2. Jodi on time to church TWO WEEKS IN A ROW... and then the world ended!!

  3. Good thing you had that calendar! (The tiniest of sarcasm laced in there. Just a little!)

  4. Oh Jodi. I just love you. I suddenly feel so "normal" right now. :) It just seems like something I would do, or have done, or... yes! I missed a hair appointment but was sure my hairdresser was wrong! haha!