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Instagram on Monday


Ohhhh, just catching up on the cell phone pictures taken over the last couple of weeks. Again. Obviously I'm doing AWESOME at keeping up with InstaFriday over at Life Rearranged. Ahem

(Normally I'd tell you about our weekend doings, but as one of the biggest highlights was finally dusting my blinds... I'm not so sure you'd care to hear them.)

Sisters (in-law) that know and love you give you the most fun birthday gifts!

Mothers-in-law do too! 

Birthday dinner out to Red Robin with my peeps.
Witness Blake's "excited" face, which matched my face when the famous fries came out. 

The return of my favorite muffin to Costco. This also brings out my excited face!

Disturbing, Martha.

Friday night ice cream date with Mom & Dad. Including dining outside (Blake's request), and excitedly being requested to "look at that one!" at every. single. car that went through the drive thru.

And this was a REAL highlight from our weekend - catching up with an old high school buddy (as in, hadn't seen in 15 years!!), and his beautiful Colombian wife. Definitely more fun than dusting blinds!

Hope your weekend was swell!


  1. Cool pictures..especially Jon and Joanna

  2. Love seeing Jon and Joanna. And Blakey's smile...could it get any bigger?

  3. Wow... Martha Stewart looks awesome... yet strange LOL!! And is that a Vera????? I just got a crossbody as well! Waiting on it to arrive in the mail!!!! Stupid USPS!