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A peek at the week via the cell phone cam.

The plums that Mum, me, and the kids picked off Mum's plum tree last weekend to make glorious, delicious plum sauce.

That's about 8 gallons of plums, after we'd already made the first batch (which uses 120 plums). After we'd made the second batch we were still only 2/3 of the way through the first bucket. Did I mention we only picked one tree?

Making more tomorrow!

Still taking naps with this guy. He's so cuddly :)

 Russ was gone for 4 days hunting last week and came home Sunday night - so happy to have him back!

Monday night I was invited to a girlfriends dinner party at my friend Nicole's. It was so lovely to just relax around the table, eat girl food, and chat and laugh without being interrupted by small people who still think it's hilarious to burp at the table.

Blake fulfills his life dream of climbing on one of the giant concrete balls in front of Target.

So I found this while out grocery shopping and got all sorts of excited. A Halloween version of my favorite Easter candy in the whole world? Could it taste exactly the same, even with a weird green center instead of yellow?

 And the verdict was YES. Which is good news and bad news, because I think we all know what this means - I will HAVE to buy one every time I see them.

The gigantor head of cauliflower I picked up at our local produce stand.

We love us some cauliflower - cooked this way (I omit the onion and use plastic wrap instead of wax paper).

(Also, the foot in the pic was my attempt to show a size comparison, in case you were wondering what in the heck?...)

Have a GREAT weekend, friends!

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  1. I tweeted about those Cadbury eggs a couple of weeks ago - that it was probably better that I didn't know about them!

    It's the Reese's holiday shapes that really do me in though.

  2. I just saw those eggs yesterday! Now I will have to try one for sure!

  3. That's a lot of plums! Looks delish! And wow- that is a big cauliflower!!

  4. Awesome Jod all the pics..and what you write :D