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A Pinterest Potluck


My friends and I have embraced the awesomeness of Pinterest and taken it to the next level...

A Pinterest party!

That's right, we'll use any excuse we can to get together and have fun - or in this case, eat amazing food. (Which let's be honest, is LOTS of fun.)

cake batter fudge
Now I may have just made this sound like I helped plan the party, when in all actuality I had nothing to do with the idea, besides loving it immediately and jumping on board.

And as you can see from the array of food above, I was not alone! Oh no, my friends Cindy & Shay scored a huge hit with their idea and have officially kicked off a once-a-month get together with a different Pinterest-inspired theme each time. (Like crafts, home decor, jewelry, etc.)

Obviously the first one was food. Everyone was invited to make and bring something they'd found off of Pinterest, or just come along to see what all the hullabaloo about the website was about.

I made chocolate peanut butter squares, because I like to pin recipes that have five ingredients or less and with only four, this one fit the bill nicely.
(recipe found here)
Which reminds me of something else I've pinned on Pinterest before:
No joke, folks.
But back to the party, it was so much fun.

And check out this little piece of "Pinspired" awesomeness, made by my friend Amy:
A magnetic board to hang in the bathroom that now holds all of her makeup. Super duper cool, guys.

Cindy and Shay also made all sorts of other things found off of Pinterest and displayed them around Shay's home... things like cool magnets, homemade play-doh, necklaces, wine glass candle holders, etc. etc. At future parties we'll actually make projects together to take home.

Which is good because remember when I bought a cool window frame for $2.00 at a thrift store at the start of the summer and was all excited to paint/sand/distress and then add pictures to make a wall hanging?

Here's how far I've got on that...

Pinterest craft party? SIGN ME UP.


  1. I love your blog.
    I love Pinterest.
    I loved last night.
    And now seeing those pictures I'm hungry again. Darn you!

  2. That was awesome Jod !! ..and I want to try the cake batter hook me up there girlie ;D

  3. Ditto on the cake batter fudge! I think they should re-do the food theme so I can sample everyone's creativity!

  4. The cake batter fudge was amazing ladies AND Cindy and decided that the Pinterest Potlock will have to be at least an annual if not twice a year event on the Pinterest Group calendar. We had so much fun but couldn't have done it with out all your wonderfully creative and delicious contributions! And Jodi - I have a few old windows in my garage too that I need to figure out what to do with... I see another Pinterest group project in the making! Thanks for posting this! I'm going to share it in the Pinterest group so others can see!

    1. Shay I would love to work on the window in a group!! Yay! Thanks for linking me up :)

  5. I'm all over the window project and I have a great door project that has a window in it that I want to do. Oh and I will bring the cake batter fudge. Going to to do chocolate this time. Loved the party.

  6. I think I may have to bring this idea to my church here in Australia!!!! you are going international ladies!!!! ;) love it