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Teacher's note


I get sidetracked easily.

So when I was looking for a document in our filing cabinet the other day and I came across some of my husband's grade school papers, the document search of course went straight out the window. Because 20 minutes of looking at old drawings, pictures, and papers from your hubby's childhood days is just way more fun!

Especially when you find a teacher's note handwritten on his 6th grade school report:

"Russ has an unbelievable energy level. He's been a positive example to other boys in the room when he provides words of encouragement to needing individuals. Russ could use improvement in his listening skills."

Oh ho ho ho! That exactly describes Russell to this day! ENDLESS energy, incredible exhorter, and a bit of a poor listener! (I say that in love, honey ;)

So funny how after 24 years, things haven't changed.
Little cutie patootie!

What I Wore Wednesday


Hi, my WIWW peeps! Here's what I wore this past week.

Last Thursday
Old Navy dress & jeans, thrifted belt, Target sandals 

Target cardy, Old Navy tunic, clothes swap scarf, Walmart leggings & boots 

Target dress (aka my new love), thrifted belt, Walmart leggings & boots

Penny's blouse, Wet Seal necklace, Target jeans & booties

Target sweater & sandals, thrifted target jeans, Shade 3/4 sleeve tee, gifted necklace

I'm linking up here!
pleated poppy

Monday Confessional


I was so proud of myself Sunday morning. I woke up early, remembered we were on door greeting duty at church, got ready ON TIME, and had the whole family there 25 minutes before the service.

Another young lady was already at the door so I told her that we'd take over and she didn't need to cover for us. 

"Oh", she said confusedly, "I was asked a week ago to door greet".
"Don't worry about it", I replied, "we've been on the schedule for a long time and it must have just been overlooked". 

So we took over and all was well. 

Funny thing is, today I looked at the calendar I keep on my phone and noticed something odd...
we're on door greeting duty NEXT Sunday. 

Ha ha ho... ohh hum bug



A peek at the week via the cell phone cam.

The plums that Mum, me, and the kids picked off Mum's plum tree last weekend to make glorious, delicious plum sauce.

That's about 8 gallons of plums, after we'd already made the first batch (which uses 120 plums). After we'd made the second batch we were still only 2/3 of the way through the first bucket. Did I mention we only picked one tree?

Making more tomorrow!

Still taking naps with this guy. He's so cuddly :)

 Russ was gone for 4 days hunting last week and came home Sunday night - so happy to have him back!

Monday night I was invited to a girlfriends dinner party at my friend Nicole's. It was so lovely to just relax around the table, eat girl food, and chat and laugh without being interrupted by small people who still think it's hilarious to burp at the table.

Blake fulfills his life dream of climbing on one of the giant concrete balls in front of Target.

So I found this while out grocery shopping and got all sorts of excited. A Halloween version of my favorite Easter candy in the whole world? Could it taste exactly the same, even with a weird green center instead of yellow?

 And the verdict was YES. Which is good news and bad news, because I think we all know what this means - I will HAVE to buy one every time I see them.

The gigantor head of cauliflower I picked up at our local produce stand.

We love us some cauliflower - cooked this way (I omit the onion and use plastic wrap instead of wax paper).

(Also, the foot in the pic was my attempt to show a size comparison, in case you were wondering what in the heck?...)

Have a GREAT weekend, friends!

life rearranged

What I Wore Wednesday


Thrift store edition!

(Not planned... looks like I just pulled out a lot of thrifted pieces from my closet this week. Gotta love the Goodwill!)

Last Wednesday
Target dress, Ross belt, Payless sandals, gifted bracelet

And never mind that there's nothing thrifted in this outfit. 
I didn't give myself the memo last Wednesday that my week was going to have a theme!

Old Navy cardy, clothes swap tank, thrifted Target jeans, thrifted sandals

thrifted dress, belt, & bracelet, Famous Footwear wedges
thrifted Target tunic & jeans, Target sandals, thrifted necklace & bracelet

thrifted tee, Maurice's skirt, Payless sandals, Old Navy necklace

And now I want to go thrift shopping! Happy Wednesday :)

pleated poppy

On the bathroom wall


Russ and I are both extroverts. Not that we're equally outgoing, because on an extrovert scale of 1-10 I'd probably be a 5 while Russ would be somewhere off the charts in the 15 or so range, but we're both outgoing none the less. Our oldest child is also an enthusiastic extrovert and our youngest is well on his way to being a mini-Russ, outgoing to the extreme. 

Our middle child though. INTROVERT. And this translates to opposite a lot of the time. In the way we think, act, feel, and process things. 

We love him so so much. We are so thankful for his personality and differences from us. We are glad he is the way he is. But we don't always relate. Or understand. Or deal with his introvertedness very well. And this can be equally frustrating for him and for us. 

So I was struck when I saw this on Pinterest. Struck because it is sooooo Cooper. I think it's helpful. 
And that's why it's now taped to our bathroom wall. A good reminder for us extroverted thinkers! 

And in case you want to know how to care for an extrovert, here you go!
 Both prints were designed HERE.

Monday Confessional


That moment when you discover you would make a poor zoo tour guide:

"Oh look, a little duck, kids! Come see how cute he is!"
"Oh wait a second... nope... never mind. Carry on!"

(p.s. it's plastic.)

Hello, InstaFriday


Here's what was captured on the cell phone this week...

Why yes, Blake and I went to the zoo this week. The lions were awesome. And CLOSE.

Holy cow, we were positively being stalked behind our glass wall.

It was Blake's first visit to the Oregon Zoo, and he got to enjoy it with one of his besties, Emily.

He also got to enjoy packing our lunch around on his back all day, because a skateboard backpack looks much cuter on a 4-year-old boy than on myself.

 The pumpkin spice latte has returned to Starbucks. And my world got a little bit brighter this week.

 Blake makes a stud spidey if you ask me. Especially with his fave nerd glasses.

Fresh baked banana bread. It's what's for breakfast.
And lunch.
And as a snack.
And it smells so good I want to make some more.

So this may not excite many people, but we are talking PORTLAND, OREGON here. In the middle of September. This forecast is pretty much better than the entire month of June was this year.

Pumpkin spice lattes, fresh baked banana bread, and weather warm enough for my kids to play outside all day and even SWIM in?

life rearranged



Fact #1: I love Broadway shows & musicals waaaaaay more that music concerts.
Fact #2: Musicals make excellent surprise birthday presents.
Fact #3: I have the best friend in the whole wide world.

And that sums up how I ended up at Memphis last night, a show just starting it's national tour with it's first stop in Portland.

It was amazing. AMAZING!

The singing! The dancing! The comedy! I loved it all.
Jana did too. We're Broadway buddies, you see.

We were trying to figure it out last night and I think we decided this was our seventh show together since dragging our husbands to Cinderella in 2001. (Consequently, they never let us drag them to a musical ever again. In fact, when I told Russ about my birthday surprise his first words were, "this isn't a couples gift is it?" - haha. NO.)

But that's okay, I'd much rather go with a girlfriend anyway. So thank you again, my lovely, lovely friend!

What I Wore Wednesday


Loving this late summer weather we're having here in the Pacific Northwest.
Not that I don't love the return of the pumpkin spice latte at Starbucks as much as the next girl,
I'm just not quite ready for Oregon RAIN yet!

Last Wednesday
 Penny's tee, Old Navy shorts, Target sandals, gifted bracelet

 Old Navy blouse, thrifted shorts, Payless sandals, Premier Designs bracelet

 Old Navy tee, Dress Barn maxi skirt, Target sandals, gifted necklace, Maurices bracelet

 Clothes swap blouse, thrifted Target jeans, Target wedges

Shade tee, Target jeans & booties, clothes swap scarf

yard sale cardy (Old Navy), Target tank & sandals, thrifted shorts & belt

And there you have it! Another week of WIWW in the bag. 

pleated poppy