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What I Wore Wednesday


This fine Wednesday, I give you a week of the plainest summer outfits you may have ever set your eyes on. 
Planned simplicity or lack of effort?
I'll let you be the judge.

Actually I'll just tell you, it was totally a lack of effort. 

Walmart tank, Target skirt, Payless sandals

 Old Navy tank, thrifted skirt, Payless sandals

 Old Navy dress, Target sandals, gifted bracelet

 Target tank & sandals, thrifted shorts, old belt

Old Navy tunic, Walmart leggings, Payless sandals, Wet Seal necklace

Besides the fair Saturday night, I pretty much had nothing to go to and nowhere to be this past week.
And it was lovely. 

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pleated poppy


  1. you are soo cute! love your blog name! :)

    Sandy a la Mode

  2. Ooh, I love the tunic and leggings outfit the best! Cute!

  3. Cute outfits. Love the green dress and the tunic and leggings. They all look comfy. That's paramount in my book. ;-)

  4. Love Love Love this!! You look fabulous!
    Feel free to stop by my Casual Friday Link Up and add this, would love to have you ;)

  5. welp, I would never know you didn't try. You look great (love your first outfit best) and you look totally put-together.

  6. I am so jealous of your no schedule. And you dressed perfectly for it in my opinion!

  7. i really love your last look, casual yet so cute- totally my style! and i have that green old navy dress, its one of my faves, so comfy!

  8. Summer is all about simplicity and you look perfect! Love the first outfit and the green dress, so cute!

  9. Well plain or not you still look adorable! The striped Target skirt is one of my all time faves. :)

  10. Dropping by from WIWW, love the green dress! Super cute!

  11. I don't remember seeing the striped skirt before I think it is adorable.

  12. I love the first Target skirt, the colours rock. And at least you took pictures of your outfits, I took pictures of 1 outfit total. And even in your "plain" outfits you look cute.

  13. I think you have the best summer dress on WIWW. I love them. The green looks great on you. I really want that dress!

  14. Nice outfits :) love your top skirt ...

  15. If this is lack of effort, what does effort look like? ;-) they all look so cute!