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What I Wore Wednesday


Just a quick update on the hubster: he seems to be fully recovered from the great hornet attack of 2012 (aka, the bee sting that made his face swell like the elephant man), and is back to work today.

In other news, a very angry mob of hornets met their maker last night thanks to a can of wasp spray and my determined husband, and no thanks to me, who kept a healthy distance of 100 yards or so away.

Safety first.

Last Wednesday
(Or possibly Thursday, I can't recall)
Shade dress, Target sandals, Premier Designs bracelet

Target sweater & sandals, Shade cami, thrifted shorts

Target dress & sandals, Premier Designs necklace

Old Navy tee, DKNY skirt, thrifted sandals, Claire's necklace, Premier Designs bracelet

thrifted Target tunic and Target jeans, Payless sandals, H&M scarf, thrifted bracelet

Keeping it real
Costco tank, Target shorts, Adidas sandals

That last outfit is pretty much what I've been wearing whenever I'm at home. Except today my Costco tank is purple :)

Happy Wednesday, guys!
pleated poppy


  1. Love your scarf paired with your tunic! Glad to hear the hornets are gone. Those little guys are mean!

  2. Yikes! Hornets? Hope he is feeling better soon! Loving all your thrifted finds!

  3. Love the first dress - so cute! Glad to hear your hubby is scary!

  4. I love both of your striped maxis! I'm glad your husband is feeling better...allergic reactions are scary! I'm an new follower :)

    The Tiny Heart

  5. um, how the heck did I miss the post about your husband??? Oh my gosh, that's some scary reaction there. Happy to hear he's ok.

    You look great in those maxi dresses!!

  6. Fun outfits Jodi. I've been living in my shorts and tanks too! :)

  7. Well Saturday is my fave this week. Love that dress! Although the yellow one is cute too! I think you look great in bright colors. And I love that you "Keep It Real", isn't that life? Got to be comfortable and ready for being active.

  8. Hi Jodi gosh I am so glad your hubby is feeling better that looked horrible I haven't been around the last few days did a graduation party Sat, been cleaning and working on craft/decor projects. I see your theme last week was stripes cute my favorite is your Church outfit so elegant and pretty.
    My Maggie doggie has been stung twice in the last 3 weeks in our back yard- just awful swelling and shaking lots of benedryl for her also and lap time... that poor dog has faced it the last 4 weekes geesh.
    Your DD birthday looks like it was a smashing success.
    See u around

  9. I love your dresses, the yellow striped one is awesome. And the scarf you wore on Monday is so fun and colourful. Looking cute as always.

  10. I love that thrifted Target dress. I covet it every time you wear it! LOL

    You look great and I love the keeping it real picture!

  11. Love all your outfits! Such cute maxi dresses! ;)
    And I am pretty much in jammies or my swimsuit, clothes are only for going out in public when it is this hot outside! ;)

  12. Love the new maxi dress honey, and you are really looking great in the shorts and tank..keep it up :D