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Tuesday Ten


Because I'm watching my nephews today and am on high alert for little boy shenanigans (like #3 below), I'm going with the good ol' list today.

1. The kids start school in two weeks and I have yet to begin my back to school shopping. NOT GOOD.

2. I did buy myself another swimsuit top from Lime Ricki though. Priorities, people.

I was so happy with the first suit I ordered I wanted another and I might just like this one even better. The fit is AWESOME. And the bottoms I bought with the first tankini top go with this one too, so really... it's like I'm saving money!
find HERE
Currently it's hiding sitting in my closet because I haven't broke the good news to Russ yet, but as soon as the right moment hits it's making it's debut! (The right moment being when I can safely say, "oh no honey, I bought this a while ago!" ;)

3. Blake cut his own hair. Again. Now you would think that with a buzz cut it wouldn't be that noticeable, but sadly his form of cutting his hair more closely resembles shaving his hair so he is currently sporting a nice bald streak down the middle of his head - a reverse mohawk if you will. I'm sure you can guess what a happy moment we shared upon this discovery.

4. The blackberries on the back of our property are ripe and in the past week I've made two cobblers, a crisp, and several smoothies, besides eating my weight in plain berries. Either the season needs to end soon or I need to learn how to make blackberry jam.

5. I've been side-tracked from exercising this past week by illness and it's very disheartening (especially with all the blackberry dessert eating!). I was doing so well towards getting in my 42 miles for the month and now am so behind! Add to that the fact that we'll be away on vacation the next two weekends in a row, and it's looking like I might have to just try again in September. Buuum to the errrr.

6. Have you seen the new Downton Abbey clips for season 3 online? So exciting! And then I found out that it doesn't air in the States until next January. Okay not quite so exciting.

7. Fresh sliced homegrown tomatoes on buttered toast with salt and pepper. That is where it's at, my friends. I could consume this for breakfast, lunch and dinner all summer long. That and sauteed zucchini. YUM.

8. I may be hungry right now.

9. I've been enjoying this song ever since the Olympics. It played every time our women's gymnastics team was highlighted.
I always liked that Phillip Phillips on American Idol!

10. Currently reading Tramp for the Lord by Corrie Ten Boom (of The Hiding Place fame). I love that Corrie. What an amazing woman and life story. Today I am thankful for the time and place I was born in!

Have a great Tuesday.


  1. Now I'm hooked on that video lol

    cute suit btw

  2. Hi! Blog hopping around here on Friday night, since I'm the only one in the house and that means No Guilt!

    Had to say:

    - Phil was my pick from the beginning! First time my pick has ever made it all the way. And I LOVE that song!
    - Corrie T B is a Mighty Woman of God! Her books, the Hiding Place and In My Father's House changed the way I live.

    Have a great weekend!