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Monday Confessional


Saturday night was Kendall's big barbecue birthday bash. Lots of family, friends, food, swimming at the river, marshmallow roasting around the fire pit, and general merriment. It was a great party.

But when it came to the actual decorating for the party I may have hit a new low. There were no balloons, no banners, no cute matching plates and napkins with color coordinated food in cute serving dishes. 

Nope, all I bought for the party besides food was... one pink tablecloth. That's it.

And when we went to put it on the 6 ft. rectangle table we set up outside for food, I discovered I'd bought a round tablecloth. 


I don't think this girl cared though. 
{new kicks from Daddy}
And honestly, neither did I.

I was too busy explaining that no, that was not a giant X, but a K for "Kendall" on top of the birthday cake!
Suffice it to say I'm not going to win any awards for my cake decorating skills. Or party decorating skills.

I did show everyone a wicked good time though, and my peanut butter pies were pretty amazing.



  1. you didn't decorate?...who knew...WE had a great time