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Meet Miss Sassy


This girl got a new do!
Layers, side bangs, and a sassy new attitude to match!

(And I mean that in the most literal sense. She spent the entire drive home having her brother say random sentences so she could repeat them back in her "sassy" voice.)

A reminder of how her hair looked before:

  And after:
Darn it, I think my little girl has been replaced by a young lady!

I shall now attempt to begin operation: Stop the Clocks. 

Wish me well. 


  1. Jodi, I see so much likeness to you in that top photo! Wow. She certainly IS growing up.

  2. Can't believe how grown up the haircut makes her look!! So beautiful!

  3. When you figure out that "stopping the clock" thing, let me know would ya! ;)

  4. When Miranda has her next birthday I'm going to make her apologize to me for not only turning 16 but making me older! Like the kids always say, "It's not fair!"