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Late night What I Wore Wednesday No. 110


Was today Wednesday? Oops-a-daisy.

Things have just been really busy around here, and between post-vacation laundry, volleyball practices and piano lessons, back to school shopping and other hair-pulling inducing errands, not to mention gearing up for our last hurrah of summer - a camping trip this coming weekend, my time has just been getting away from me!

Well better late than never, right?

(Which by the by, is basically my life motto. I'm not really known for getting anywhere on time.)

Last Thursday
 Old Navy sweater, Target dress & sandals

 Costco sweater, Shade tank, thrifted shorts & sandals

(at the ever-foggy Oregon Coast)
 Lime Ricki swimsuit, Target shorts, Vogue sunglasses

 Target head to toe (some thrifted)

Kohl's sweater, Diviine Modestee cami (don't ask me why that spell it so), thrifted Target jeans, Target sandals, and new messenger bag from my AWESOME in-laws! I love it :)

So have a happy Thursday, and don't be suprised if I'm not around again until sometime next week!

pleated poppy


  1. Love the green see-through sweater over the black tank. I'm not usually a fan of that style, but those colors make it look great!

  2. Cute!!!! I love the bright green of that sweater, also love the first dress too and the bright orange cardi (or maybe it's red, I know the camera can play tricks sometimes). Hope you had fun at the coast! Oh, and that's my hubby's motto too, I am on time when I'm with HIM, lol!