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It's been a tough week. A dear friend passing, another friend in a serious accident, my workout partner and friend moving away, not to speak of bee stings and more fleas and a girls-only infection that I don't want to talk about.

Yeah, fun.

So... I talk to the Lord. Read the word. Cuddle with my so-good-to-me husband. Play with the kids. Stand on scripture. And enjoy a nice long chat with my mother who's still on the hiking trail but got cell reception today - a special gift from God that was exactly what I needed.

And looking back at the week's cell phone pictures - it really has been a good week too.

Kendall modelling the dress she made in 4-H sewing for judges at the county fair - she models it in the live fashion show tomorrow night!

Kendall's birthday cake I threw together at the last minute. K also stands for Keeping it simple! 

A special outdoor church service means Miley got to join us at church last Sunday! Her little social-loving heart enjoyed it very much :)

 Lots of river time with the family this week.

 Blackberry picking and cobbler baking afterwards... YUUUM!

 Ran at the track with my husband and kids. Sure, Russ lapped me about 5 times, but I completed week one of Couch to 5k!

 Kendall's new maxi dress that arrived in the mail yesterday. She luuuuuves it :)

 Late night hugs and goodbyes with our friends who leave tomorrow - including fireworks and a bag full of groceries to bring home - pretty good goodbye if you ask me!

Happy Friday, friends.

life rearranged


  1. ..Exactly what I needed you.

  2. i pray you continue to stand on God's word and find your strength in Him.

    now send me some of those blackberries!