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A glimpse into my life through good ol' phone pics.
Happy Friday, lovely friends!

 No, not four. That's a one and a three for thirteen miles, baby!

 Grandma's new parrot, "Oni". We are all pretty smitten. And now I want to watch Rio again. 

 Hanging out down at the river again. Great way to end our day - we've been going all week long.

 Kendall baked, I ate. I like this arrangement!

 Documenting the day I got on the treadmill in the morning instead of late at night. Miracles do happen!

And if this doesn't spell out cute, I don't know what does. A boy, his dog, and his tractor. 

Oh and his shaved head.
Coop's sporting the same look too.
Unfortunately so is their father (as seen in above river photo).

I don't want to talk about it.

life rearranged


  1. I love that parrot! Very cute! Can s/he talk? :)

    1. Not yet because he (or she, they don't know!) is still a baby, born in January. They live up to 50 years so hopefully will talk alot eventually!

  2. such good photos! :)

  3. Teri said she wants to teach the parrot to sat "squirrel!" Ha ha:)