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Catching up on a couple weeks of cell phone pics... and simultaneously cheering on Team USA in Olympic coverage (Yeah, Gabby!!!), packing for our camping/hiking overnighter tomorrow (well today, I'm writing this late Thursday night), and attempting to finish a riveting book before I leave.

I'm all about having my cake and eating it too, you see.

Getting our dance groove on.

 Coffee peanut  hot fudge amazingness in a waffle bowl!

Only the best of friends bring you your current favorite treat as a welcome surprise when vacationing together.

Four-year-olds in Carhartts? Adorable.

40 miles in one month. I DID IT!!! 

(Super excited to take on the real deal 42 mile August challenge because on Saturday I hike 13 miles with my mother. The rest of the month is going to be a walk in the park after that! (Not literally though, as weight loss IS the goal here...)

And to keep me humble... here is my happy reunion with Mum (PCT hiker extraordinaire) who hiked 40 miles in ONE SINGLE DAY to make it to Lolo pass up Mt. Hood to meet us.

Her July mileage?


Kendall getting her brave on to play and sing the song she wrote while dining at Calamity Jane's in Sandy, the cutest old Western saloon you ever did see.

Brothers playing legos. Legos that used to belong to my siblings and I when we were kids. That we played with in exactly the same way.

Ahhh nostalgia... 

But enough of that! I can't finish packing without finishing this darned book!

Have a great weekend everyone!
life rearranged


  1. always a bright spot in my day

  2. yay! You made your goal! i am so proud of you!

  3. 4 year olds in Carharts... heck to the YES! And, I love the lego play... I wish Henry had a lego playdate.

  4. Love this blog...what book? do tell

    1. 1000 White women: the journals of May Dodd. Historical novel with a very interesting story but a sad sad ending!!

  5. YUM, that ice cream looks amazing, and yay for seeing your mum again! :)

  6. The kids are growing up so fast. I too played legos with my brothers like that.

  7. That waffle cone literally has me drooling! And congrats on hitting 40 miles!! Inspiring me to try something like that!
    I'm thrilled to be your newest follower and would love it if you could return the follow if you get the chance and wish to :)
    Sapir @