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Late night What I Wore Wednesday No. 110


Was today Wednesday? Oops-a-daisy.

Things have just been really busy around here, and between post-vacation laundry, volleyball practices and piano lessons, back to school shopping and other hair-pulling inducing errands, not to mention gearing up for our last hurrah of summer - a camping trip this coming weekend, my time has just been getting away from me!

Well better late than never, right?

(Which by the by, is basically my life motto. I'm not really known for getting anywhere on time.)

Last Thursday
 Old Navy sweater, Target dress & sandals

 Costco sweater, Shade tank, thrifted shorts & sandals

(at the ever-foggy Oregon Coast)
 Lime Ricki swimsuit, Target shorts, Vogue sunglasses

 Target head to toe (some thrifted)

Kohl's sweater, Diviine Modestee cami (don't ask me why that spell it so), thrifted Target jeans, Target sandals, and new messenger bag from my AWESOME in-laws! I love it :)

So have a happy Thursday, and don't be suprised if I'm not around again until sometime next week!

pleated poppy

Beach Trip '12


We are back from a fabulous family vacation at the Oregon Coast. As you can see, there were quite a few of us! (I especially love this great shot of my father-in-law in the back row ;)

And in direct correlation, there are quite a few photos as well...

The private lake our rental house is on. 
Handy for swimming, kayaking, fishing, and endless hours of playing in the sand.

And speaking of fishing...

 Letting one go.

 In an effort to protect the pride of my just-turned-16 nephew, the results of the above match shall forever remain undisclosed. 

But take a look at my hubby's face... that's pride right there!

Of course, I had no problem lording my win over my 13 year old nephew.

 And neither did his mother, the arm-wrestling queen!

The match-ups went on for quite a while! 


The Halverson men.

{from youngest to oldest: Blake, Lizzy, Cooper, Maddy, Mark, Kendall, Drew, Debbie, Derek, Sam, Mandy, & Ben}

I can't even tell you how much I enjoy this annual trip with all of Russ's family. Every year is better than before.

Sadly, the laundry remains as disastrous as ever. 



Time for the Friday photo dump! 

(I heart instagram. Want to follow me? I'm jodalamode)

 This guy had my kids MES-MER-IZED at the fair last weekend.
And okay, me too.

Kendall's watercolor did well enough at County to make it to the State fair this weekend. 
Excited to find out how it did!

 Blackberry cobbler tastes just as good for breakfast as it does for dessert!

 At the salon after Kendall's haircut, showing off her new layers in the back.

 First time shooting my bow in 3 or 4 years, and I still got it!
That's right, I'm a little into archery. All kinda surprises up my sleeve, I tell ya.

Cooper caught a baby garter snake. Cute, or freak-you-out disgusting?
I actually lean towards cute, but then again those aren't my hands holding it.

And this is what our living room looks like this morning, ready to load up as we head off to the coast for a few days. I can't imagine what it would look like if we were going for a whole week - it might take two cars! 

Have a great weekend!
life rearranged

Meet Miss Sassy


This girl got a new do!
Layers, side bangs, and a sassy new attitude to match!

(And I mean that in the most literal sense. She spent the entire drive home having her brother say random sentences so she could repeat them back in her "sassy" voice.)

A reminder of how her hair looked before:

  And after:
Darn it, I think my little girl has been replaced by a young lady!

I shall now attempt to begin operation: Stop the Clocks. 

Wish me well. 

What I Wore Wednesday


This fine Wednesday, I give you a week of the plainest summer outfits you may have ever set your eyes on. 
Planned simplicity or lack of effort?
I'll let you be the judge.

Actually I'll just tell you, it was totally a lack of effort. 

Walmart tank, Target skirt, Payless sandals

 Old Navy tank, thrifted skirt, Payless sandals

 Old Navy dress, Target sandals, gifted bracelet

 Target tank & sandals, thrifted shorts, old belt

Old Navy tunic, Walmart leggings, Payless sandals, Wet Seal necklace

Besides the fair Saturday night, I pretty much had nothing to go to and nowhere to be this past week.
And it was lovely. 

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pleated poppy

Tuesday Ten


Because I'm watching my nephews today and am on high alert for little boy shenanigans (like #3 below), I'm going with the good ol' list today.

1. The kids start school in two weeks and I have yet to begin my back to school shopping. NOT GOOD.

2. I did buy myself another swimsuit top from Lime Ricki though. Priorities, people.

I was so happy with the first suit I ordered I wanted another and I might just like this one even better. The fit is AWESOME. And the bottoms I bought with the first tankini top go with this one too, so really... it's like I'm saving money!
find HERE
Currently it's hiding sitting in my closet because I haven't broke the good news to Russ yet, but as soon as the right moment hits it's making it's debut! (The right moment being when I can safely say, "oh no honey, I bought this a while ago!" ;)

3. Blake cut his own hair. Again. Now you would think that with a buzz cut it wouldn't be that noticeable, but sadly his form of cutting his hair more closely resembles shaving his hair so he is currently sporting a nice bald streak down the middle of his head - a reverse mohawk if you will. I'm sure you can guess what a happy moment we shared upon this discovery.

4. The blackberries on the back of our property are ripe and in the past week I've made two cobblers, a crisp, and several smoothies, besides eating my weight in plain berries. Either the season needs to end soon or I need to learn how to make blackberry jam.

5. I've been side-tracked from exercising this past week by illness and it's very disheartening (especially with all the blackberry dessert eating!). I was doing so well towards getting in my 42 miles for the month and now am so behind! Add to that the fact that we'll be away on vacation the next two weekends in a row, and it's looking like I might have to just try again in September. Buuum to the errrr.

6. Have you seen the new Downton Abbey clips for season 3 online? So exciting! And then I found out that it doesn't air in the States until next January. Okay not quite so exciting.

7. Fresh sliced homegrown tomatoes on buttered toast with salt and pepper. That is where it's at, my friends. I could consume this for breakfast, lunch and dinner all summer long. That and sauteed zucchini. YUM.

8. I may be hungry right now.

9. I've been enjoying this song ever since the Olympics. It played every time our women's gymnastics team was highlighted.
I always liked that Phillip Phillips on American Idol!

10. Currently reading Tramp for the Lord by Corrie Ten Boom (of The Hiding Place fame). I love that Corrie. What an amazing woman and life story. Today I am thankful for the time and place I was born in!

Have a great Tuesday.

To the fair!


Saturday night we went to the county fair to:

- model in the fashion show (Kendall)
- see the animals (Grandpa)
- ride the rides (the cousins & the boys)
- eat an elephant ear (me)
- look at all the art (Grandma)
- see the quilts entered (friend Sharon)
- be dragged around looking at way too many exhibits until his brain exploded (Russ)
- and watch Kendall and see how she did on her projects (all of us)

All of the above was accomplished, making for a very successful evening.

(Unless you ask Russ, of course.)

Kendall's watercolor won reserve grand champion and is going on to the state fair next weekend!

Her acrylic painting of fancy dresses was picked for a "special award" and her poem won reserve champion.

Modelling the dress she made in the fashion show.

Kendall's fan club: (back row) me, Blake, Russ, Grandpa, Grandma, friends Tracy and Danielle. 
(Front row) cousin Lizzy, Kendall, cousin Debbie, and Cooper.

And our friend Sharon.

So proud of our girl!

                                                                         Lots of animals to see!

Sadly, there is no picture of the magnificent elephant ear as it was consumed too quickly.

Oh, I love the fair!