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What I Wore Wednesday


Back with more outfits from the past week.

Not that many outfits, but proof that I'm still getting dressed every couple of days or so. 

Last Wednesday
4th of July parade & barbecue
 Old Navy tank, thrifted Target jeans, Target sandals

girls night out at the rodeo!
 Burlington shirt, thrifted Target jeans, thrifted Steve Madden cowboy boots, gifted jewelry

church and visiting friends
 Old Navy dress & shirt, thrifted sandals, gifted bracelet
(Look at me mixing patterns and everything. It's getting crazy around here!)

prayer group & park day, evening baseball game
Target dress & sandals

And on the days not shown... that's when I get dressed in my workout clothes first thing, with great intentions of working out before starting my day, which inevitably turns into getting on the treadmill at 9 pm or later because I've put it off for as long as humanly possible.

Story of my life.

pleated poppy


  1. Your 4th of July outfit is just too awesome. And I'm very inspired to start wearing some bracelets! Love the rodeo boots (I live in Kansas so I know what I"m talking about LOL). I don't think I can pull of a maxi dress...I certainly wouldn't look as good as you.

  2. woah - love the old navy grass green dress. Looks perfect on you.

  3. love the way you mixed the patterns together! super cute!

  4. LOVE the church outfit...the mix of patterns and colors is so cute! And I hear ya on the treadmill. You inspired me to start getting on ours and I've used it for three days in a row. Crazy. :) For some reason I'm not dreading it like I usually do. I just want to lose that extra 5 baby pounds that are still hanging on!

  5. I love your pattern mixin'! ;-) Especially that awesome green dress and blue shirt... love that look!

    How did I miss that Target maxi? I want!

  6. Love that green dress! And mixing patterns!!

  7. Love your 4th outfit and church pattern mixing--super cute!

    Hope to see you linked up at What I Wore Wednesday

  8. very cute outfits, I love the maxi dress from Target. I so can't wait until they come up to Canada for now I live to my trips to the States to get my fill.

  9. Jodi u look great in every out fit but my favorite is the one where u are in your boots only because I so want boot weather like yesterday LOL

  10. I LOVE rodeo night!!!!!! Super cute! You always are though....hope you are doing well!


  11. Love the July 4th outfit and being from Texas I must say the boots caught my eye!!! Yee-haw!! Love! Thanks for stopping by my blog! new follower!

  12. i love how you mix patten. the green dress is gorgeous. I wish I have one of those.

    thank you for your sweet comment you left on my blog. I'm your new follower here.

  13. Impressed. Again. Love the 4th of July outfit :)

    Workout procrastination = story of my life too. But you already knew that ;)

  14. Love both of your dresses! And the pattern mixing is adorable!!:)

  15. Rodeo rock Jod..and the perfect opportunity to get those styling boots out on the road. ;D