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Tree Fall


Blog slacking once again. If you must know where I've been, it's perched on the couch watching the Summer Olympics. Non stop.

(Fave moments so far: The Queen and James Bond parachuting, Mr. Bean, swimming, diving, volleyball, and of course gymnastics. So basically all of it.)

I did have to leave the house for this though...

We are extending our driveway/parking area and this behemoth was in the way. Plus it was very very messy.
Now just the backyard is very very messy.

That's one LARGE tree. Since cutting it down Friday evening, Russ has been busy working on cutting it up into firewood. I think he's a third of the way done.

As a side note: know what's an awesome way to make sure no one (husband) changes the channel from the Olympics? Cut down a large tree that will take a week to clean up and then enthusiastically support your husband's wishes to spend the evening outside working on it.

I kid you not, we are well-matched pair, the two of us.
(dark shots courtesy of my cell phone)


  1. Wow that's crazy without that tree there! Too bad about the swimming pool, but hey I think you could sell enough of that firewood to buy a few swimming pools.

    1. Haha, true - and I'll be happy with just one!

    2. very cool...uh-oh did it land on your pool?!

    3. Not on it, but one of the widest base branches hit it and popped a large hole.

  2. In the before pic it looks like it was leaning I imagine that is why it came down. It is huge will all that wood last you this winter?

    1. Yes it will, with a couple cords to sell too!

  3. Wow. That is an insanely huge tree! :O