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Some Monday musings...


When the weather stays in the 60's/low 70's and it drizzly rains most of the weekend, the best thing to do is read a good book and watch a bunch of movies. Like maybe 4 or 5 :)

(This is assuming you have no extra spending money. Otherwise, of course shopping would be the best thing to do.)

Watching movies without eating the coconut m&ms your sister brought you from Vegas is very difficult... nigh impossible. Thus the treadmill must be used again, even though you hurt your hip on your HIGHLY STRENUOUS 4 mph half mile run. Thank you, Lord, for Friends. 

Trix krispie treats may sound like a neat idea to do with your kids, but there is a lesson to be learned: if you heartily dislike Trix, the krispie treats will still taste gross no matter how pretty they look. Don't worry, your kids will still love them though.

Raising boys in the country has it's downfalls. Like going to Costco and leaving your 9-year-old son in the car with his almost 11-year-old sister while you run in really quick, only to come out and find out that the 9-year-old needed to relieve himself so just went in the bushes. IN THE PARKING LOT. You know, because that's just the same as going out in the Christmas tree field on your property. *Shakes head in dismay*

Watching the women's gymnastic US team trials is just as exciting as watching the Olympics itself and is made even more fun with an enthralled daughter to watch along with you. Did anyone else pick their favorites and cheer out loud when they made the team? So excited for two weeks from now!

Sidenote: I remember from the earliest age being mesmerized by the Olympic games on TV and watching for hours on end. I haven't changed and I fully plan on encouraging the same enthusiasm and patriotism in my own children. Go team USA, and Go team NZ!


  1. Kim sez, she wants a scarf made out of those treats...soooo pretty. might be a little hard to wrap though.-
    Sat here in MT Shasta laughed and laughed..esp the nap threat.
    heading off to climb some really big hills, love you.

  2. Oh my jodi, i just don't understand boys and their need to pee in every bush that exists on the face of the earth whether in the city or in the country. I wouldn't put it pass my boys to do the same thing if they thought they could get away with it!!

  3. I love the Olympics too, can't wait for them to start. I watched a lot of the gymnastics, felt really bad for Nastia Liukin :(

    A weekend of movies and coconut m&ms sounds pretty awesome to me!

    I so need to get my blogging act together.....