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If you've never been to a country town rodeo before, you're missing out. 

I almost did this year, until my best friend Jana decided that she hadn't had enough of the Independence Day celebrations and planned a girls night out Friday night to attend the final performance. 

Best idea ever.  

Besides watching everyone remove their hats and stand with their hand over their heart as the American flag is carried by a US Marine to start off the 4th of July giant street parade in our hometown, nothing brings out my patriotism like the Molalla Buckeroo. The whole start of the show honors every branch of the military, every single veteran in attendance, the POWs and MIAs, and the flag. It's very moving and gosh darn if it doesn't bring tears to my eyes every time!

But besides all of that, it's fun and exciting to watch, plus, there are elephant ears!

I feel deeply, deeply sorry for those in the southern and eastern states who have never heard of such a treat. In fact, I'll eat one in your honor. 

 Jana, Amy & I.

Amy is my fellow carnival food lover and we decided during the rodeo that we are each other's preferred dining date for anything involving dessert. Forget our weirdo non-sugar-loving husbands, we have each other.

Me and our friend Kristie.

I'll tell you something about Kristie, this girl knows her music. Every. Single. Song that started (and there are a LOT of songs played during a rodeo), she would name the artist and then start singing the lyrics when they began. Pretty impressive. Also, plain ol' pretty!

We had such a blast. I highly recommend girls nights out. And rodeos. Although next year it should work out for our whole family to go together again, which is what we normally do, and I'd have to say I'm already looking forward to it :)


  1. This kiwi has never heard of elephant ears before, but thinks they look tasty, and like giant fried pancakes? :O

  2. The elephant ear looks like a giant sopaipilla. I love me some rodeo!

  3. Ok Jodi what the heck is an elephant ear??
    Your peeps are adorable and looks like u had a ton of fun.

  4. It's a giant elephant ear shaped fried dough dipped in melted butter and then cinnamon and sugar. Death on a plate, and oh so good!

  5. I love your reader comments, wasn't that long ago we had no idea what they were either..course, now we are definitly fans. cute friend pics..glad you got to have some girl fun out.