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Hurrah for Fridays! 

Here's the pics from the cell phone this week, courtesy of the lovely Instagram app.

 The Veteran Memorial Field of Flags visited our hometown over the week of the Fourth - it was so spectacular right in the middle of town.

 Playing down at the river on the back of our property last Sunday night.

Awkward river pose. As you can see, I dove right in.
Headed down again tonight and might actually swim this time!

Fun new polish colors for summer!

Miley with her fresh summer haircut. SO much better than the long shaggy hair she was sporting!

 I am still a little bit addicted to doing the crossword puzzle in our local paper once a week. I am finishing it quicker and quicker each time!

 And speaking of addictions, holy cow, have you heard of Noosa finest yogurt? It is AMAZING. And originally from Australia. And AMAZING. As you can see I don't hold back.

 You will be shocked and amazed to learn that I saw this in the grocery store and did NOT purchase it. This time. But seriously, white chocolate cream cheese spread? What kind of evil genius came up with that?

 And of course no trip to the grocery store would be complete without Blake rocking out into his maple syrup microphone as he fake sings along with the overhead music. 

I'm almost halfway!!!

Have an excellent weekend, my friends!

life rearranged


  1. Great job on your miles Jodi!! I'm at 11.5 miles, about to get in 3 more! We should be thin in no time right!? ;) Your little boy singing with his syrup makes me smile! Have a fabulous weekend!

  2. Love you Jodi,
    Just got back from sending Tim and the boys off on their trip and came home to enjoy the quiet and read about you...ahhhhhh.
    Love the treadmill goal!

  3. I'm proud of you Jod,nice going on the work outs..and all that up and down to the river will pay off too, would have loved to have been there. ( pics are great by the way) obviously I need to try Noosa and the white chocolate cream that was just brilliant !!