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Oh happy Friday! The weather is gorgeous, I'm in my workout clothes ready to go walking outside, and I plan to use my extra calories earned when I go to the rodeo tonight! I am sooo looking forward to that elephant ear :)

Here's what the cell phone camera has seen this week:

What's funner than pretending to be a mannequin in Old Navy? 
(Obviously Blake didn't get the memo on blending in...)

Cooper's last baseball game of the season was July 3rd - a beautiful evening - and we won!

 Free balloon toys made by the clowns who passed us walking home after the 4th of July parade in our hometown.

 After all the fun of the Fourth we came home and made comfy beds on the trampoline to watch the Buckeroo rodeo fireworks display.

 Playing around waiting for the show to start.

 My new swimsuit arrived in the mail yesterday! The stripes may look red but they are actually orange and I love it. I ordered it from LimeRicki.
I decided to join my blog friend Megan in logging 40 miles of walking/running in the month of July - tracking our progress on Instagram. (We're copying what we saw a bunch of other people do in June.)
Another solid example of procrastinators uniting... only a month late to the party :)

Now I'm off to log some more miles! 
Have a great weekend, everyone :)

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  1. I just saw that miles thing this morning on another blog! I was thinking this week about not doing WIWW anymore because I have put on so much weight, because getting dressed and seeing myself in the pictures is depressing! I have started running a couple days a week so... I'm going to run/walk "with you" on instagram and be accountable! Have a great weekend!

  2. Yay Shelby!! I know exactly how you feel and I've thought about stopping too. I think this is a better plan though... I'll look for you on instagram! I'm jodalamode.

  3. Watching fireworks while laying on a trampoline sounds like a blast! LOVE the new swim suit! I hadn't seen the walking thing on crackgram yet, maybe I'll do it next month.

  4. Good job on the exercise! I'm just about to get on the treadmill now....would really like to skip it after cooking and cleaning all day, but I missed yesterday so need to get at least a couple of miles in. Btw, I've seen others doing it again this month but the goal is 45 miles....whatevs, let's start with 40 ;)

    Super cute swimsuit! Love the royal blue and orange together.

    Have fun at the rodeo! We're off to the beach tomorrow....summer is so awesome :)

  5. Freakin Hillarious those kids blended right in with the mannis. Love the new swim suit and what a great treadmill run u go girl.

  6. Your swimsuit is so cute I could die. I actually squealed a little when I saw it.

    I can hear the Buckeroo fireworks from my house but the trees are too tall to see them. :)

    I don't think I'm following you on instagram yet, I should find you and then maybe I'd be motivated to use my treadmill.

  7. The first picture had me laughing out loud. How cute! Good job logging the miles--you can do it!!

  8. LOL at blending in with the mannequins! I had to look twice to spot the live ones! :P

  9. What a crack up..that "B" and the maniquins..Kendall and Cooper did a really good job, reminds me of things Matt and I use to do waiting for your Grandmother shopping.( we plated hide and seek amongst theclothes racks, but don't tell the kids ;D