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Awkward & Awesome


- walking into a teenage boy at church on Sunday while turning my head to talk to someone else. This was no light bump, people. We are talking full-on frontal body slam. As in, knocked the poor guy back a few steps and rocked a bit myself. Wow, slow down there, Jodi.
- looking around quickly to make sure no one else saw and then, after apologizing profusely, straightening up as if nothing happened, only to hear from halfway across the sanctuary, "JODI! Baahaaahaahaa!!!" from a dear but unfortunately loud friend who is dying from laughter. Drats, witnesses after all.
- running for only 4 minutes (at the end of an hour long walk) and then almost throwing up. Husband patting my back and telling me how proud he is of me for pushing myself. Admitting that I think it might be the hot fudge peanut butter milkshake I downed beforehand.
- asking all my Facebook friends if anyone has a bike trailer we can borrow for an upcoming vacation and being offered one within the hour, and then telling husband the good news only to have him exclaim, "Why? We have a perfectly good one sitting out in the shop. Don't you remember we bought it off Craigslist last summer?" APPARENTLY NOT.

But look... here's evidence (circa July, 2011):
Ah yes. THAT trailer.

- rediscovering the fact that you own a cool bike trailer. Yay!
- the feeling of walking/jogging on the treadmill becoming a regular habit instead of a momentous event. I mean, that's the goal right? For it to just be a normal part of your day? I think I'm getting there!
- our weather right now. It's actually, dare I say it, stable! Sunny and warm and nothing else on the forecast except the same! I don't care what anyone else says, summer is the BEST season.
- teaching Blake (4 years going on 8) how to wash his own body and hair in the shower. No more getting half drenched every time he bathes? Very awesome.
- an afternoon with friends at this beautiful spot on the river. ONE MILE from our house.
Oh, Oregon the beautiful. I am ready to forgive you for your pretty sucky June weather.


  1. Hahaha, the body slam incident made me laugh. And 4 minutes of running is impressive after an hour long walk, you go girl!

    Wow, that little spot on the river is gorgeous! Lucky you having that so close to home.

    Yes, summer IS the best season.

    I love your awkward/awesome posts :)

  2. PS - I blogged! Miracle, I know ;)

  3. Good blog jods! Keep up the good work on the treadmill. Pretty soon we'll be running together down Dhooghe Rd!!

  4. Love your blogs,keep writing. Love you too,

  5. Awesome river spot ! looks like everyone had a blast.