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Awkward and Awesome Thursday!


- When your knee has enough dimples to make a smiley face all on it's own, nose included.

- When you bring a boy doggy over to hitch up with your very-in-heat-and-acting-like-a-hussy girl doggy and you discover he can't. quite. reach so you ask your husband to help you "assist" (I know, you're welcome for your gross-out moment of the day) but instead all your husband does is this:
For 15 minutes straight. Super helpful.

- Cousin sleepovers on the trampoline and everyone making it ALL NIGHT LONG!

- Girls who entertain themselves for hours by dressing up and putting on fashion shows.

Just like you used to do with your friends. Except you were 16 years old, not 10. Aaaand we're back to awkward...


  1. Okay, that picture of your husband made me chuckle - along with your description of the events happening. Hilarious!

  2. Firstly, I love this post. Secondly, you mean to tell me girls usually don't play dress up anymore by age 16?? I knew I was a weid one... (:

    1. Well maybe I don't know what I'm talking about :) Welcome to my club!

  3. Jodi, Kendall is waaaay to pretty in that picture! She may never dress up again and then pose like that! Auntie Tricia has spoken!!!

  4. LOL that photo of your husband laughing is hilarious! Poor dogs, hahahah!

  5. Aww, your daughter looks BEAUTIFUL!!! Hopefully she holds on for a few more years before she decides she's too old for dress ups :)

    The pic of your smiley face knee and of your hubby cracking up totally made me laugh. Haha! Love your dry humor :)