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{friend Aaron, Cooper, and Blake}

Boys are awesome. They like to dress up just as much as girls do... just in different kinds of dress-up clothes. And then they go adventuring into the woods... and take their little brothers with them, making the staying back at home to hold down the fort even more calm and peaceful for this mama. 

I'm getting my nail polish on! 

Ahhhh, summer. 

(Check out that cutie on the right. He'll charm your socks off in 2 seconds flat, that one!)


  1. Gosh your kiddos are so dang cute. Could your stop by my blog prayers are needed and I know u know some prayer warriors. Tuesday Maggie post
    U go girl 4mph is quite an accomplishment and those cookies look wonderful

  2. Blake looks like he should be on the "little rascals"

  3. Love it! I agree, boys like to "dress up" too!

  4. My boys have a forest and a fort and a rope swing down the way. They meet our neighbor there and do the Nerf thing, too. So fun... reminds me of Tom Sawyer!

    And I've got my nail polish on, too! Essie Sand Tropez! :) What are you wearing?

  5. I love these pictures... but especially Blake's face... oh my goodness that kid cracks me up!!!

  6. Love it..the pics are so cool..especially "B" what a crack up.