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What I Wore Wednesday


Keeping it short and sweet here today, as I need to head outside to recover from the poopiest diaper I may have ever beheld. The smell, oh it lingers...

Last Wednesday
(Mom's Notes group)
 Old Navy blouse, thrifted belt and shorts, Target sandals

(baseball game, and other stuff that I know happened but is eluding me right now...)
 Walmart tank & leggings, Target skirt, Payless sandals

(Garden breakfast potluck at my Mother-in-law's, friend's afternoon birthday party)
 Old Navy cropped cardy, Target top and booties, thrifted Target jeans

 Old Navy cardy, Target dress and sandals, gifted bracelet

Shade top, Maurice's skirt, Burlington scarf, Payless sandals

And I should clarify that by "errands" I mean I took the kids to McDonalds for lunch after picking them up from vacation bible school, leaving only half an hour until nap time when we got back home. And THAT'S how you do it, folks. 

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  1. looooove your yellow Old Navy top! So pretty.

  2. I was eyeing that same skirt from Target but with the coral stripe! It's been on the clearance racks but I can't find my size now! I should have bought it when it first came out! Gah! Love the yellow top in the first outfit, too!

  3. Every time I see that striped Target skirt I want to come and steal is SO cute! Love how you paired it with leggings. :)

  4. I am *loving* me that Saturday outfit. Very classy. Also - your hair always looks awesome. (jealous)

  5. Tuesday is my fav!! Love the stripes and scarf... I may have to get some inspiration and try my own version.

    Love the green and black together, too.

  6. Jodi, such cute outfit once again. You remind me so much of Sara Evans (super gorgeous country singer)! And your hair always looks perfect, makes me want long hair again. Happy weekend :)

  7. Thank you, Megan, what a compliment! Thanks everyone actually :)