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What I Wore Wednesday


Happy Wednesday. Or as I like to call it, the second to last day of school before summer break!!

I'm a little excited... mama's ready for some sleeping in! (A lofty dream with two boys who wake up like clockwork each and every day of the year, but a nice dream nonetheless.)

Here's what I've been wearing lately.

Last Wednesday
(vision appointment turned shopping trip)
 Old Navy tee, Dress Barn skirt, Payless sandals, gifted Wet Seal necklace

So I actually started off my day in a black tank top, but when I showed up for my daughter's vision appointment and found out I had brought her in on the wrong day (I'm super organized like that), we made the trip to town worth while but stopping in at Old Navy, where I picked up this cute tee - exactly what I'd been wanting for my maxi skirt! 

(Oaks Park field trip, baseball game, grocery shopping)
 new Old Navy cropped sweater, JC Penny's top, thrifted Target jeans, Target sandals, Bass Outlet necklace

(Real eye appointment with Kendall)
 Target sweater, Old Navy dress, Payless sandals

(aborted grad party/spontaneous date night - as explained HERE)
 Target sweater, jeans & booties, Ross plaid shirt, Premier Designs bracelet

(church, grad parties)
new Old Navy cropped sweater, Old Navy necklace, Target dress, Thrifted Style & Co. wedges

(afternoon at Mum's, baseball game)
Maurice's sweater top, Target tee, thrifted Target jeans, Ugg boots, SarieJune scarf, Vogue sunglasses (I had just come in from outside.)

I was hoping for a little warmer weather now that it's JUNE and all, but by noon yesterday it was a balmy 47 degrees at my house so the Uggs and scarf came out. AGAIN.
Oh, Oregon.

Hope you're enjoying some sunshine!
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  1. I love your Sunday outfit! :)

  2. Friday's outfit looks awesome! Girl you're so good...I only get dressed up two or three days out of the week!

    <3 Daryl
    Roots, Wings & Other Things.

  3. Hey! I'm so impressed that you're still posting WIWW! You look great as always.

  4. I wore that exact same cropped sweater on Sunday! I've been needing a couple sweaters like that, and so I picked up the gray one & a black one last time I was at Old Navy. They're so comfy, right? ;)

    Your outfits are lovely; I was going to comment about my favorite, but I like them all!

  5. You are looking SO cute this week! I love the new Old Navy tee...perfect with the skirt. I think your church outfit is my fave this week with the yellow necklace and wedges. Cute cute! The weather has been cooler here hard to know what to wear!

  6. Both your cropped cardigans are beautiful. Love the pops of color.

  7. Love these cute looks! I especially love the maxi skirt. I am following you!

  8. The last four outfits are so adorable! I can't decide which ones I like. I love the yellow accessories.

  9. I'm in Washington State and it is 39 degrees and raining right now!! Praying for some sunshine!! Love the orange sweater with the stripes. You look fabulous as always! ;)

  10. love the yellow and the stripes!

  11. Love all your outfits, especially the church dress and maxi skirt!

  12. Love the way you styled the black dress with yellow accessories and the touch of gray! So cute!!!

  13. Absolutely adorable maxi skirt from Dress barn! And that Old Navy dress with the yellow top is so dang cute! You look great!

  14. Hi Jodi love your Maxi skirt and new t and your church outfit is sooo cute.
    Have a great Wed

  15. OHHH that black and yellow outfit is GORGEOUS!!!

  16. Very cute outfits as usual, love the blue striped maxi skirt. And your Friday outfit is awesome, love the blue/mustard yellow colour scheme. And Sunday's outfit is another favorite.

  17. Jodi, you look totally gorge again this week! I think we have very similar tastes, I would wear pretty much everything you post (well maybe not the maxi skirt, because girl those horizontal stripes would do nothing for me - you're rockin' it though!). Really love your Saturday night outfit (super cute hair, too) and Sunday's dressy style. So pretty :)

    Tomorrow is the last day of school for us too! Man, I've been counting down the last, like, 8 weeks....and then for some reason I get all sentimental in the last couple of weeks and it all seems kinda bittersweet. My husband thinks I'm crazy, ha! Sadly, I am highly unlikely to score any sleeping in around here either.

    Have a great week!

  18. Thank you SOOO much everyone! Megan I completely know what you mean... it's bittersweet because it means they're really getting older, ,moving on to the next level. Waaaah! ;)

  19. Super love Saturday, then Thursday and Friday .. Orange and Yellow look soooo good on you