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Oh, hello!


I have a blog don't I?

You'd think I'd forgotten that fact with my patchy posting lately. Turns out summer break = blogging routine break, because I haven't been able to get myself on a regular writing schedule since the kids got out of school.

I've decided everyone's going to have to live with it though, because I'm all about EMBRACE THE SUMMER BREAK!

(And by everyone I mean my 5 or 6 dedicated readers. I love you, dedicated readers!)

I'm also all about keeping sane, and as I'm currently watching my two nephews for a few days while my sister and brother-in-law are gallivanting around Las Vegas for their anniversary, bringing the humans-under-age-11 count up to five, including one still in diapers, blogging isn't really my top priority right now anyway.

Here are my top priorities:
1. Keep the two 4-year-olds from battling to the death over who's the boss of who.
2. Remember that there is a child in diapers in my home now and that diapers need to be checked and changed on a semi-regular basis.
3. Train 10-year-old daughter in the art of changing diapers.
4. Hide all the chocolate.

Wish me luck!


  1. Always lol at your the diaper changing plan! You manage to look so cool calm and would have us all fooled if you didn't tell on yourself.:)

  2. You are, hands down, the best sister ever. And also, holy cow that is a couch full of cuteness. Also - I LOLed your comment about your 6 dedicated readers (seven now) because that is SO my blog too.

  3. HA! Good luck to you! And thank goodness for your daughter with all those little boys. Good thing they are all pretty darn adorable. :)

  4. Jodi, you've failed me... hide all the chocolate should be priority #1!

  5. Dedicated #5 here lol Ok here is the plan for the chocolate send it to ME and I'll send it back when your sister comes to pick up her cuties.... well maybe you'll get it back lol.
    I like your new mantra EMBRACE THE SUMMER BREAK mine is I WILL NOT COMPLAIN ABOUT THE HEAT.... is that a complaint in a round about way?? seriously 107 on June 26 is a bit crazy....
    I'll let u go u got diapers to check

  6. I love it Jod, I'm sooo behind in reading, but so excited to catch up..all the best mediating the 4 year old war zone . Loving you.

  7. Look at my mother, commenting on my blog from the wilderness while hiking the PCT! When I said I love my dedicated readers, I really meant it :) And Tricia & RaNae, you guys are cracking me up :) Of course priority #4 is REALLY priority #1! haha

  8. The cousins are darling!!! I wish you lots of luck and lots of fun!! :)