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Monday Confessional


Here's the truth about me: I am not above milking a situation for all it's worth when the occasion calls for it.

Example: When Russ set out at 6:30 pm this past Saturday to drop in on a couple of high school graduation parties for kids he'd coached, the agreement was that he'd do quick swing-ins, and then come back and pick me and the kids up so we could all go together to another grad party celebrating a church friend of ours.

Because we'd been working on house projects during the day, I didn't get ready for this party until the evening, and was freshly showered & dressed with hair done and makeup on by 7 pm. Ready to get my PARTY on.

Too bad Russ didn't come back from his "quick stop-ins" until NINE O'CLOCK, by which time I was literally all dressed up with nowhere to go. Apparently he got a little carried away catching up with old acquaintances and didn't pay attention to the time until it was way too late.

To give him credit, he felt truly awful. I, on the other hand, felt truly ticked off. Which I think he guessed by the way I told him every 2 minutes that I had just got dressed and ready for nothing. NOTHING.

He offered to take us into town to pick up a movie rental.
Or an ice cream.
Or whatever it would take to earn my forgiveness.

And that's how I got myself a date night out for the second weekend in a row, because I chose a late-night movie date to see Snow White and the Huntsman, with a kid drop off at Grandma's on the way. And then I got a soda AND popcorn at the theaters.

Oh yeah, I milked it. And I don't feel bad about it either ;)

(Thanks again, Mum! You are completely awesome!)


  1. Good job! If you get ready to go somewhere you better get to go somewhere! Sounds like a good time after all. :)

  2. I'm soooo with you on this one! My hubby is hardly ever the one to mess up so when he does I take advantage of it. :) Was the movie good? We never go to the movies. Sounds good right now though.

  3. We thought the movie was pretty good! Not a chick flick at all (besides Chris Hemsworth's presence of course ;)

  4. You Go Girl!! Hey did you crochet the scarf your wearing in your profile picture it's cute

  5. Hahah awesome! That was very clever. :P

    I want to see that least I think I do!? :)

  6. RaNae, the scarf is from Old Navy. Only in my dreams am I skilled enough to crochet :) And yes Holly, I think you do ;)

  7. Ah the elusive date night. How I wish we had grandparents nearby! Sounds like a great night....the soda AND popcorn definitely elevate it to perfect :)