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Kendall's Song


Some things to note about this video:

1. This was Kendall's first time playing her song for ANYBODY. I only heard it for the first time the morning this was filmed, and that was through her bedroom door because girlfriend was belting it out. The only reason I convinced her to play it later that afternoon was because her Grandma was leaving the next day on her summer-long hiking trip and I knew she would like to hear it at her going-away barbecue. Good thing Kendall was facing the wall in my parents living room or she would have seen the 20 or so people who ended up crowding in to listen!
2. She wrote the words and came up with the simple chords all on her own.
3. When she played it I totally cried and my heart just swelled. Not because I think she is this amazing singer or musician or anything (although I was kinda impressed), but because she wrote a worship song! Kendall loves the Lord and I love and am thankful for her tender heart!

Here are the words.

I am His child
By Kendall Halverson
(June 2012, age 10 ¾)

Verse One
Living life in darkness but He pulls us through
God is leading and I’ll follow too
Living life through Him, it’s what we do
He is salvation, my heart’s in Him
God is my healer, God is my guidance
God is love and I’m His child
Angel wings and voices sing
Heavenly praise and God above
I’m His Holy child
I’m His holy child
Verse Two
Suns still shining, God is near
The stars are His creation, we’ll praise His name
His promise a rainbow, God is with us
It is clear, God is here
I am His child, we are His children
Living together, He is our father (x2) 


  1. I am more than blessed...I am impressed.
    Kendall that is perfect!

  2. SUPER.PROUD.AUNTIE!!! Just love this girl, her heart for worship and her creativity!!

  3. This is cousin Lizzy...Your song was so good it makes me want to write my own. I love you!

  4. Very nice! A girl with many talents.

  5. This made me tear up also. What a great job she did, you should be proud of her! She is talented - and Cute, too. A force to be reckoned with, i would say. :)

  6. Break open my heart that is beautiful
    Thank you Kendal
    A beautiful song to stick in my head.

  7. I'm not sure I remember how I even found your blog (I'm thinking it must have been through "What I Wore Wednesdays"), but you've got me hooked and I follow along devotedly. Why? Because of stuff like this! You have every right to burst at the seams with pride in that girl! AMAZING!!!
    Keep the good stuff coming : )

    Jodi W.

  8. This is just precious, Jodi. What beauty coming from her heart to the ears of the Lord. Tell her there's a lady in California very blessed to hear her music!! :)

  9. I loved the worship song and watching Kendall do the right hand tempo changes ...catchy little bit that! I will rap it for you know Kendall !!Grama-T ... did the boogie:)!!!

  10. What a beautiful song...I am so impressed and moved by her talent. Just beautiful! I got teary and I don't even know her, so I can imagine how it made you feel! :)

  11. Wow! That is impressive! Such a beautiful song with amazing words. You should be very proud of your sweet girl! Brought tears to my eyes!

  12. This is Kendall, thanks every one it took three weeks to get that song just right!! It makes me feel blessed to sing in front of people even if I don't know them.

  13. Way to go, Kendall! That was great! God is so pleased with our praise. Becca :-)

  14. Great job Kendall! Uncle Erik and i really enjoyed it. keep the songs a commin'