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Hello, my blog friends. The nephews have gone back home, the husband's basketball team camp is over, vacation bible school just finished, And I've made it up to season 5 of Friends while using my treadmill. (Which is unrelated but leads to the following...)

What's encouraging: after walking at a BRISK PACE for an hour last night, I ran for half a mile. Without stopping.
What's discouraging: I couldn't log it in my fitness pal because 4 mph is not listed as a jogging speed. Whatever, fitness pal. I was totally running.

Anyway, here are a few instagram shots from this past week.

 Things I'm loving: 
- zucchini by the bucketload. 
- homemade muesli (not homemade by me though because I have people for that)
- chocolate chip oatmeal cookies (homemade by me because I do have priorities)
- super cute mug filled with coconut m&ms from Vegas, Baby! (aka: Kelly and Dave, who were grateful I kept their boys alive while they were gone.)

What is it with Russell and birds?
He found this little baby and saved it from Miley, our wannabe bird dog, before reuniting it with it's mama, who was one chirp away from a birdy heart attack in the bushes nearby.

Today for the last day of vbs the kids performed a mini-concert for all the parents. It was so cute and included hand motions, a little dancing, and some loud interruptions from Blake who A) had to go potty midway through and announced it for all to hear while jumping up and down holding himself, and B) came running to say hi and give me a hug mid-song when he noticed me in the crowd. 

 Still taking the nap time snuggle shots. I can't seem to help myself.

When it doubt of what to do with five children: fill them up with sugary shaved ice and then let them loose on the trampoline, telling them it's nap time as soon as they come back inside. Mwahahaaa. The backyard suddenly became very interesting that day.

And now I'm ready to enjoy the weekend with my peeps. Happy what-the-freak-it's-almost-4th-of-July-already?!! Have a great one :)

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  1. Ok, you said muesli instead of granola....that right there made my day ;)

    Season 5 of Friends already?! Man, you must've been logging some serious time on the tready! Go you!! I've logged, oh let me see, about ZERO time this week. Pathetic effort, I know. Have you noticed the "40 miles in June" thing a bunch of people (mostly runners I think) have been logging on Instagram this month? I'm thinking of aiming for that in July.... emphasis on "thinking", ha!

    Btw, 4 mph is the fastest pace I can walk.... after that it's totally running. Another quirk of mine.... I have my Nordic Track set to kilometres. I don't know why, since after nearly 9 years here I now measure everything else in inches/feet/miles, but on the tready it just works. I am also glad to hear someone else is an exercise procrastinator! ;)

    Sorry for the novel of a comment.... have a great weekend with your peeps!

  2. It's been so long since I left the land of metric thinking that it's hard for me to think in metric terms. I can totally understand using it for running though - most races here do! I have only heard of the 40 miles in June thing from one blogger but loved the idea.. maybe we should do it for July! Let's "think" about it some more ;)

  3. Well I could use all the motivation and accountability I can get, so I'm totally up for "40 in July"! Haven't seen anyone talking about it anywhere though, so we old Nordic Track users may be on our own ;) I'll look for you on Instagram, and I'm listed as "numanums" :)

  4. Awww what a cute little bird! :O

  5. Fun shots of the kids and I love you threat of nap time when they come in. :)

  6. Thanks, Holly & Michelle! Megan, I'm jodalamode... of course :)