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Oh Instagram, your little square photos with fun filters are so fun and simple to use. 

Yet it took me two full weeks to get these 10 pictures... a sign my life is pretty boring? Or that I'm just really forgetful?! 

Based on the fact that I just had to call a friend to cancel the plans for tomorrow morning that we made earlier today, because I had completely forgot all about the plans I already had for tomorrow morning that have been on my calendar for 3 weeks, I'm going to go with option #2. 

 My secret to treadmill success... watching Friends episodes on the laptop with subtitles on.
An hour went like that! (Of walking that is. I think I could run for maybe 7 minutes, if I really pushed it...)

My secret to summer break sanity: a little trick I learned from my friend Amanda. One cup a day per kid, returned to it's proper place on the counter after meals. 
It's working like magic too, no more 20-cup roundups!

 A princess and a hero at play. You'd never know it but Rapunzel and Captain America actually have a lot in common and get along just swimmingly.

 Hanging with Daddy at his summer bball tourney.

Hanging with my daddy on Father's Day.

 Fresh picked Oregon strawberries...

 that I turned into the BEST kind of jam, freezer jam!

 PB&B, my favorite since childhood.

Cuddling with my sweet, buzzed napper.

Conquered Turbo Jam and the 30 Day Shred this week with my friend Kristie, sweated a full bucket to prove it too.

And guess who was talked into against her better judgement gets to go work out at the track tonight with her husband? I do, I do! Yaay....

Happy weekend! 
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  1. ohh that freezer jam looks wonderful u should have done a tutorial on how to make it I want some!!!

  2. I think I'm in love with your blog. Hooray for WIWW because it led me here. WTG on the 30 day shred, that is HARD stuff. And also, freezer jam...YUM!

  3. The cup idea is awesome! Do you think it would work with a 15 year old?! And when i work out on my tread mill that is what I do too, but I watch Bones and I plug my headphones into it so i can hear it. Works great!

  4. Thanks, Jessica! I love finding new blogs via WIWW too!
    Tricia, I think ALL ages apply with the cup rule ;)

  5. I am doing that cup thing NOW! I am running my dishwasher like a crazy person! Fabulous tip!

  6. Love so many things about this post! Will try to keep it short & sweet:
    1. We have the same treadmill! Well, almost....ours is the C2000. And I watch movies while I power walk too :)
    2. 30 Day Shred is killer....but I love that it makes you sooo sore that you know it just HAS to be doing some good for your muscles, right?
    3. I have been hearing so much about freezer jam, totally need to make some.
    4. PB&B - hello yummy goodness.
    5. I guess I can't keep it short & sweet after all ;)

  7. Old Nordic Track users, unite!! LOVE your comments, Megan :)