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A slice of life from the cell phone camera.

Enjoying easy summer salads.

Tumbled rocks that were picked from our Christmas tree field.

Russ thinks they're cool and likes to poke through and examine them all. I'm more of a,"there's a pile of rocks on my table... what am I supposed to do with them?" kind of girl. Can I find somewhere to sell the lot of them? Because that would be cool...

So my mother is about to leave on her 3 month hike of the Pacific Crest Trail. In true McGyver fashion she made herself these wind breakers and a stuff sack out of chemical suits from Lowes and decorated them with New Zealand emblems. Their weight? 2 ounces

And here's most of her food supply for the trip. My sister and I spent our spare time this week helping package it all up into individual meals and organizing them into odorless sacks. You know, because of BEARS and all.

(The reason the Pacific Crest Trail and I will never meet. Not alone at least.)

Kendall and friends at carnival night at church, celebrating the beginning of summer.

And here's where the celebrating really begins... last day of school! Woohoo!

Little did the kids know that they had a mother bent on a little more organization this summer. 
These magnetic dry erase boards were only $2.50 each at Walmart and they are now on the kitchen wall, ready to be filled out with daily chores that the kids can check off easily (and then erase and start over the next day). (Blake's will have pictures.) Weekly chores are going to be added to the magnets, which I can rotate around to different boards and keep on the fridge when not in use. 

I'm really excited about this, guys! 

And now, to blow your minds a little...
I, Jodi Halverson, saw this unpainted wood window thingy at a thrift store for $2.00 and thought, "I could spray paint that and put pictures behind it to make a cool wall hanging." 

And then like you, I laughed a little at myself and said, "yeah right, like that's going to happen."

But then I bought it anyway! I don't even know who I am right now. 

And with that, I wish you a fine weekend of fun and relaxation!
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  1. I like your chore boards and yay for no more school! :)

    I kind of adore tumbled rocks... is that weird? I have a jar of some I got from Canada around here somewhere. :)

  2. I will buy your rocks Jodi...and I loved what you gave the teachers...what an excellent person you are,,,of course I might be slightly prejudiced:) Mom-T

  3. Teri, you know I would love to GIVE you my rocks :)

  4. have u thought about incorporating those beautiful rocks into your beautiful jewelry designs??

  5. lol thought I was on Lisa Leonards blog LOL
    the rocks are still pretty u should make necklaces out of them I'd bue one

  6. Oh RaNae, if only you knew how deeply lacking I am in jewelry making skills! :) Cool idea though, too bad I'm NOT Lisa Leonard!

  7. You know what else you could do with those whiteboards? Write their consequences for the day on them! But don't tell them Aunt Tricia told you:) you could put those pretty rocks in a mason jar and use it as decorations. Then russ would be happy:)

  8. I approve of the windbreakers and their emblems. I do not, however, approve of the bears! Argh!

  9. Oh that salad looks sooooo good! And I think we need chore charts too ;)