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If you have a smartphone and haven't downloaded the free Instagram app yet, get thee to your app store and try it out - I swear it's fun. And easy. And fun.

Here's what's been going on this week in my world...
So THIS happened the other night. Right outside my bedroom window in fact. Country living at it's finest. Or worst, depending on your stance on bunnies.

Kendall discovering the joys of the free bread slice counter at the Great Harvest Bread Co. in Clackamas. We had ourselves a little lunch date there on Wednesday before going shopping. Excellent day.

Enjoying the breeze and sunshine on the way up the hill to our house.

Oh my goodness. I did not realize when I had a daughter almost 11 years ago that one day this would mean free (and pretty darn awesome) pedicures in the living room. I am hooked... for as long as she thinks caring for her mother's feet is fun, at least.

Yesterday I went with Kendall on her end-of-the-year class field trip to Oaks Park, an old and historic amusement park in Portland. It was a warm enough day but it drizzly rained all morning long - leaving much to be desired in the hair department, if you know what I'm saying.

But the important thing is that I was there, since Kendall begged me to come and ride all the rides with her and then ran off and left me in the dust for all but 3.5 minutes of the entire trip.

My favorite ride/scariest moment of the day. If you think that looks pretty high up in the air, you are wrong. It is WAAAAY high up in the air.

Kendall and her cousin Drew, who are both in the same class at school. Couple of 5th grade cuties, they are!

Leaving Walmart superstore at midnight with my Mum after a waaay too long evening grocery shopping trip. It was fun. If you were Mum or I. Otherwise you would probably NOT think it was fun. And that is why we shop together :)

Today's awesome garage sale finds... summer reading for the kids and great family night options for reading together as well. I was especially excited to get the boxed set of Narnia books in excellent condition for $2.00!

Also purchased (but not pictured), the giant bag of Barbie and Bratz doll clothes that Kendall is playing with at this moment in her bedroom, and the 550 piece glow in the dark puzzle that Cooper is currently working on at the table.

doll clothes = $2.00
big puzzle = .50 cents
the silence in my house right now = priceless

And on that heavenly note, I think I'm going to go join Blake in his nap! Have a great weekend, my friends!
life rearranged


  1. Did you cook up the bunnies for dinner? Can't be letting food go to waste now.

  2. just hopping over to leave you some InstaFriday love! Such cute pictures and cute family! I am 100% totally jealous of the free pedicures and cannot wait till my 5 year old girl can offer such services. In the mean time I'm enjoying every time she wants to do my hair!

  3. Dave, you'll have to ask Russ about that part! Thanks for hopping over, Amanda :)

  4. ..night shopping pic turned out great aye?! All the shots are good, love the one of B hanging out the window and all your comments are so fun to read.

  5. Hey there Jodi I sent u an email at your gmail

  6. Oh man that ride definitely looks scary...and possibly also fun...but I'm not sure I'm brave enough to find out. :O

  7. So over at our house, we watch bunnies nibble on our grass... and you guys are just sniping them over at your house. Don't tell my boys... they don't need any ideas!

    Also, glad you found your ring!! That must have been sheer panic! :)