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I swear it was just September


It's the last day of school today, hurrah!

A little reminder of what my kids looked like on the first day of school last September...
 Headed into 3rd and 5th grade.

Headed home with Mommy, much to his disappointment.

(Had to visit Aunt Kelly in the office first though.)

And this morning...
Wow. My boys really need a haircut.

Look how much bigger they all look though! Stop growing, children!

Last night we put together a little gift for them to give their teachers today, something I 100% copied.
A fun magazine and beach towel (bought from Walmart), tied up with ribbon and a thank you card (that I already had). Totally forgot the mini-sunblocks. Oops. 

Pretty cute idea, right?

We'll just pretend it's not 54 degrees and raining outside right now.


  1. Love the gifts! That is a great idea! Too bad we homeschool. Wait! I wonder if I can convince HH that the kids need to get their teacher an end of the year present...

  2. You definitely should... there's gotta be extra perks to the homeschool business, right?!

  3. Wow, they definitely are a whole lot taller in the second photo! I love the gifts you made, very cool. :)

  4. Wow, you don't realize how much they've grown until you see side by side photo's ! Awesome pic of Kendall.

  5. Your kids are too cute! Your daughter looks so good in glasses!

    As a former teacher, I would have appreciated that gift. I got way too many apple statues!! :P

  6. Look how much the kids have grown!!! Love your daughter's cute little jackets :)

    Very cute teacher gifts. I just posted about ours....totally stole the idea too.

    Hope you're enjoying those first blissful days of summer vacay!