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Hello, Summer vacation


Our first full week of summer break has officially begun and this morning I had the great pleasure of starting it off by getting up early to take Cooper to basketball camp and then getting pulled over for talking on my cell phone (checking in on Kendall, who had stayed home by herself).

No ticket but plenty of shame and embarrassment was the final result.

I'd say things can only go up from here.

We did have a fun weekend though. Russ and I went out Saturday night to celebrate our wedding anniversary (13 years!) and continued our tradition that we started last year of beginning our date with a relaxing hour-long couples massage.
{Headed out on our Anniversary date}
This is the only way to go, people. I am telling you, it's heavenly! I'll also tell you a way to go: try a new place every time so you can benefit from the new client introductory rate. This year Russ and I both got an hour massage for only $39.00 each!

We also tried a new restaurant - The Oswego Grill. It was very, very good and we ate way too much.

We finished the night with another late movie, What to Expect When You're Expecting. You really need to have had children to fully appreciate the humor in this movie. We both laughed out loud several times.

Sunday was Mum's send off BBQ, as she left this morning for the long drive down to Sierra City, California where she is starting her 1500 mile hike to Canada. Her good friend Kim was there with all of her family as well, as she is driving Mum down and pulling a trailer to stay in so she can meet Mum at spots along the trail to resupply her pack and do her laundry, etc. What an AWESOME friend right?!!
{Kim & Mum}

And I'm telling you, we know how to throw a going-away party right. Check out the dessert table.

We had the great idea to take a family picture with Mum and Dad before heading out at the end of the afternoon, but unfortunately this happened about half an hour after my brother had already left. So please imagine Jamin smiling in this picture as well.
Dave & Kelly and boys, Mum & dad, Russ and I with our 3, and our cousin Linley & husband Mike (with baby on the way!) 
I'm a little bit in denial right now that I'm not going to see my mother in what will feel like a very long time. Sure, it's only 3 months in the grand scheme of life. But this is coming from the girl who sees her mother at least a couple of times a week, calls or text messages her 9 days out of 10, and likes to shop with her on every occasion possible.

I'm going to miss her something mighty, is what I'm saying.

But YAY for adventure and living out your dreams! (I will stay supportive, I will stay supportive...)

Here's to a fun (and traffic ticket free) summer for all!


  1. So I diverge from what the blog was really about and I'm excited for Mike and Linley! i didn't know she was pregnant. Yay them!

  2. Bummer about the ticket and about your mom being gone for so long. But I think it's awesome that she's doing a hike like that! Does your dad go too?

  3. 13 years Congrats that is rare these days.
    I will keep your Mom in my thoughts please keep us updated.

  4. Thank you, RaNae! Amanda, my dad wishes he could, but has to work. He is meeting up with her several times on the trail once she reaches Oregon again though and doing weekend overnighters at campgrounds she passes through.

  5. I love seeing the family pictures and my cousin Kim and your mum really touched my heart. Yeah for them...but I'd just rather people not to go so far away!

  6. You guys are CUTE! Happy Anniversary!! :)

  7. Just a few things:
    1. Sorry you got pulled over :( But yay for no ticket.
    2. Happy Anniversary!
    3. Good luck to your mum! Hope she stays safe & the time passes quickly for you.
    4. That dessert table. YUM!!! :)

  8. I love the dessert table, especially the fruit kebabs! :)

  9. happy (belated) anniversary ... I'm catching up here on your blog, as it's been ages since I did any blog reading! and just curious - your mom's friend reminds me of a teacher at CCS? (am I totally off - lol)

    1. No you are right! Kim Kortz was (and returned again recently to be) the art teacher at CCS! Good memory!