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For Father's Day


The kids brought Russ breakfast in bed.

And a card. 

And a special present that was really just from Mommy and that mommy was very, very excited to give Daddy.
(Daddy cleans up well for church!)
Something he'd been wanting for quite some time. 

The kids also filled these out; something I found off of... you'll never guess it... Pinterest! (Surprise, surprise.)

 (I wish I weighed the same as daddy!)

 (Daddy wishes he was that tall)

(Also both kids got his age wrong, he's 34, but mad props to them for attempting to spell Bureau!)

And Blake's, which I helped him fill out:

Daddy is 10 and 11 years old and as tall as a giraffe? Precious :)

We had a really nice day together, visiting with Russ's dad after church and ending with a barbecue dinner at my sister's for my dad.

At which I failed to take a single photo. So here's one I stole off Facebook from Kelly:
{The Wilson kids}
We're trying our best to keep Dad entertained while Mum's gone! And speaking of, we are getting lots of updates and she is doing awesome :)

Hope everyone had a lovely father's day!


  1. Sweet watch!! My hubby has sweet watches and he won't wear them anymore for some reason!! I'm going to have to get to the bottom of that, cause I think they look awesome!

    Love the "all about dad"... too cute!! :)

  2. Aww so cute and nice watch
    Jodi I am nominating u for the Illuminating Blogger Award because your blog makes me smile and if I visit here I don't even have to go to Pinterest lol
    go here to pick a badge

  3. Cracked up reading the kids notes, love the 10 & 11 years old and as tall as a giraffe ..too funny! Saved the family pic to my phone. Awesome .

  4. Those notes are so cute, especially the one about him being as big as a giraffe!