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Awkward & Awesome


- Attempting to find the lawnmower keys that our 4-year-old "played with" and left somewhere in the lawn. The TWO ACRE lawn. (It's going to take a miracle. Or a metal detector - that might work too.)
- Trying to excuse the haphazard lawn mowing job that was the result of our 10-year-old's first ever attempt at using the riding mower (pre-key loss) to visiting guests, while not insulting said 10-year-old at the same time, because nothing is more important than encouraging this new-found love of helping out in the yard.
- The conversation I had with the barely-speaking-English foreign student that came to my door yesterday trying to sell educational books...
"No, I'm not interested, thank you."
"You busy?" 
"Well yes, AND I'm not interested." 
"Interested? Look dis page what makes flamingos pink.. it's the shrimp de eat! Dat is veerry interesting, no?"
"Very. But again, NO THANK YOU."
- Trying to move my body the day after doing the 30 Day Shred workout for the first time in almost a year. The pain, oh the hobbling pain!

- Husbands who know how to hot-wire a riding mower. And fix the lawn.
- Mum making the local paper - with a front page cameo and a giant spread inside!
- Technology today. I've talked to Mum from the trail, texted back and forth and received cell pics of her at altitudes of over 7000 feet, and seen plenty of pictures and updates on her facebook fan page (that's right... my mother's a supastar!)
- A few days in a row of real, 80 degree, summer weather!
- All 3 kids finally getting into the swing of our summer schedule and sleeping in past 8 am (or as I like to call it, the rightful hour for mankind to wake at.)


  1. I do love your awkward and awesome posts! that I hear your 10 year old is mowing with the rider mower, I think our 10 year old should do the same! He is an expert at just driving it around, without actually mowing. I think he is ready for the responsibility of mowing two acres.

    Have a great Weekend! :)

  2. I Ditto the first comment! Makes me laugh and smile :) Which newspaper is the article in?

  3. Jodi send me the link to your moms Facebook FAn Page

    8 am that is our schedule too but lol we get it all year long hehehe

  4. Love love love the Shred! Just got Jillian's Ripped in 30 DVD-KILLER! By the way, I showed my 10 year old daughter your daughter singing/playing the piano. She loved it and said "I wish we could be pen pals!" I said, "I know, I wish I could be her mom's friend!!"

  5. Aww, Amanda that is so sweet of your daughter! And you! I should try the Ripped in 30 dvd (not that I've conquered the Shred or anything) but I do like Jillian's workouts!

    Joi, the article was in the Pioneer this week.

    RaNae here is the link to Mum's facebook page:

  6. I was looking for the "like" button to like your mom's article!:)

  7. , I just love Tricia's comments !. they almost always make me laugh. Jod, am reading your blog to Kim ( zero day) to which we both slept in till 5:18 !! What !!! .. I actually must check out face book now.