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Hello, my blog friends. The nephews have gone back home, the husband's basketball team camp is over, vacation bible school just finished, And I've made it up to season 5 of Friends while using my treadmill. (Which is unrelated but leads to the following...)

What's encouraging: after walking at a BRISK PACE for an hour last night, I ran for half a mile. Without stopping.
What's discouraging: I couldn't log it in my fitness pal because 4 mph is not listed as a jogging speed. Whatever, fitness pal. I was totally running.

Anyway, here are a few instagram shots from this past week.

 Things I'm loving: 
- zucchini by the bucketload. 
- homemade muesli (not homemade by me though because I have people for that)
- chocolate chip oatmeal cookies (homemade by me because I do have priorities)
- super cute mug filled with coconut m&ms from Vegas, Baby! (aka: Kelly and Dave, who were grateful I kept their boys alive while they were gone.)

What is it with Russell and birds?
He found this little baby and saved it from Miley, our wannabe bird dog, before reuniting it with it's mama, who was one chirp away from a birdy heart attack in the bushes nearby.

Today for the last day of vbs the kids performed a mini-concert for all the parents. It was so cute and included hand motions, a little dancing, and some loud interruptions from Blake who A) had to go potty midway through and announced it for all to hear while jumping up and down holding himself, and B) came running to say hi and give me a hug mid-song when he noticed me in the crowd. 

 Still taking the nap time snuggle shots. I can't seem to help myself.

When it doubt of what to do with five children: fill them up with sugary shaved ice and then let them loose on the trampoline, telling them it's nap time as soon as they come back inside. Mwahahaaa. The backyard suddenly became very interesting that day.

And now I'm ready to enjoy the weekend with my peeps. Happy what-the-freak-it's-almost-4th-of-July-already?!! Have a great one :)

life rearranged

What I Wore Wednesday


Keeping it short and sweet here today, as I need to head outside to recover from the poopiest diaper I may have ever beheld. The smell, oh it lingers...

Last Wednesday
(Mom's Notes group)
 Old Navy blouse, thrifted belt and shorts, Target sandals

(baseball game, and other stuff that I know happened but is eluding me right now...)
 Walmart tank & leggings, Target skirt, Payless sandals

(Garden breakfast potluck at my Mother-in-law's, friend's afternoon birthday party)
 Old Navy cropped cardy, Target top and booties, thrifted Target jeans

 Old Navy cardy, Target dress and sandals, gifted bracelet

Shade top, Maurice's skirt, Burlington scarf, Payless sandals

And I should clarify that by "errands" I mean I took the kids to McDonalds for lunch after picking them up from vacation bible school, leaving only half an hour until nap time when we got back home. And THAT'S how you do it, folks. 

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Oh, hello!


I have a blog don't I?

You'd think I'd forgotten that fact with my patchy posting lately. Turns out summer break = blogging routine break, because I haven't been able to get myself on a regular writing schedule since the kids got out of school.

I've decided everyone's going to have to live with it though, because I'm all about EMBRACE THE SUMMER BREAK!

(And by everyone I mean my 5 or 6 dedicated readers. I love you, dedicated readers!)

I'm also all about keeping sane, and as I'm currently watching my two nephews for a few days while my sister and brother-in-law are gallivanting around Las Vegas for their anniversary, bringing the humans-under-age-11 count up to five, including one still in diapers, blogging isn't really my top priority right now anyway.

Here are my top priorities:
1. Keep the two 4-year-olds from battling to the death over who's the boss of who.
2. Remember that there is a child in diapers in my home now and that diapers need to be checked and changed on a semi-regular basis.
3. Train 10-year-old daughter in the art of changing diapers.
4. Hide all the chocolate.

Wish me luck!



Oh Instagram, your little square photos with fun filters are so fun and simple to use. 

Yet it took me two full weeks to get these 10 pictures... a sign my life is pretty boring? Or that I'm just really forgetful?! 

Based on the fact that I just had to call a friend to cancel the plans for tomorrow morning that we made earlier today, because I had completely forgot all about the plans I already had for tomorrow morning that have been on my calendar for 3 weeks, I'm going to go with option #2. 

 My secret to treadmill success... watching Friends episodes on the laptop with subtitles on.
An hour went like that! (Of walking that is. I think I could run for maybe 7 minutes, if I really pushed it...)

My secret to summer break sanity: a little trick I learned from my friend Amanda. One cup a day per kid, returned to it's proper place on the counter after meals. 
It's working like magic too, no more 20-cup roundups!

 A princess and a hero at play. You'd never know it but Rapunzel and Captain America actually have a lot in common and get along just swimmingly.

 Hanging with Daddy at his summer bball tourney.

Hanging with my daddy on Father's Day.

 Fresh picked Oregon strawberries...

 that I turned into the BEST kind of jam, freezer jam!

 PB&B, my favorite since childhood.

Cuddling with my sweet, buzzed napper.

Conquered Turbo Jam and the 30 Day Shred this week with my friend Kristie, sweated a full bucket to prove it too.

And guess who was talked into against her better judgement gets to go work out at the track tonight with her husband? I do, I do! Yaay....

Happy weekend! 
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Awkward & Awesome


- Attempting to find the lawnmower keys that our 4-year-old "played with" and left somewhere in the lawn. The TWO ACRE lawn. (It's going to take a miracle. Or a metal detector - that might work too.)
- Trying to excuse the haphazard lawn mowing job that was the result of our 10-year-old's first ever attempt at using the riding mower (pre-key loss) to visiting guests, while not insulting said 10-year-old at the same time, because nothing is more important than encouraging this new-found love of helping out in the yard.
- The conversation I had with the barely-speaking-English foreign student that came to my door yesterday trying to sell educational books...
"No, I'm not interested, thank you."
"You busy?" 
"Well yes, AND I'm not interested." 
"Interested? Look dis page what makes flamingos pink.. it's the shrimp de eat! Dat is veerry interesting, no?"
"Very. But again, NO THANK YOU."
- Trying to move my body the day after doing the 30 Day Shred workout for the first time in almost a year. The pain, oh the hobbling pain!

- Husbands who know how to hot-wire a riding mower. And fix the lawn.
- Mum making the local paper - with a front page cameo and a giant spread inside!
- Technology today. I've talked to Mum from the trail, texted back and forth and received cell pics of her at altitudes of over 7000 feet, and seen plenty of pictures and updates on her facebook fan page (that's right... my mother's a supastar!)
- A few days in a row of real, 80 degree, summer weather!
- All 3 kids finally getting into the swing of our summer schedule and sleeping in past 8 am (or as I like to call it, the rightful hour for mankind to wake at.)

What I Wore Wednesday No. 100


Just four outfits this week. Part of the beauty of summer break... not as many commitments/places to be.

I love not as many commitments/places to be! (And the freedom of wearing yoga capris and a t-shirt when I'm home all day.)

(grocery shopping & baseball game)
Target sweater & dress, Walmart leggings, thrifted Target flats

(summer basketball tourney)
Walmart tank, Maurice's skirt, Payless sandals, thrifted bracelet

thrifted Mossimo (Target) dress & wedges, rummage sale belt

(prayer group)
H&M scarf, yard sale Nike tee, thrifted Mossimo (Target) jeans, Target sandals, thrifted bracelet

I don't know where I'd be without thrift stores & yard sales. My love of shopping and my clothing budget have never really seen eye to eye, but this way they can both be happy :)

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For Father's Day


The kids brought Russ breakfast in bed.

And a card. 

And a special present that was really just from Mommy and that mommy was very, very excited to give Daddy.
(Daddy cleans up well for church!)
Something he'd been wanting for quite some time. 

The kids also filled these out; something I found off of... you'll never guess it... Pinterest! (Surprise, surprise.)

 (I wish I weighed the same as daddy!)

 (Daddy wishes he was that tall)

(Also both kids got his age wrong, he's 34, but mad props to them for attempting to spell Bureau!)

And Blake's, which I helped him fill out:

Daddy is 10 and 11 years old and as tall as a giraffe? Precious :)

We had a really nice day together, visiting with Russ's dad after church and ending with a barbecue dinner at my sister's for my dad.

At which I failed to take a single photo. So here's one I stole off Facebook from Kelly:
{The Wilson kids}
We're trying our best to keep Dad entertained while Mum's gone! And speaking of, we are getting lots of updates and she is doing awesome :)

Hope everyone had a lovely father's day!

Adventures in haircutting


Yesterday Russ buzzed both our boys' heads. Or at least he tried to, until the clippers died smack-dab in the middle of the job, sending me off in a panic to the nearest store in search of a new set.

Because no mama wants to leave her son's head looking like this:


(By the way, this is why we only buzz Cooper and Blake's heads if cutting their hair ourselves. We are in no way, shape, or form qualified for anything else.)

Luckily I found a new kit, with color-coded guide combs nonetheless, and Russ was able to do some real damage to the bathroom floor.

Unluckily, I was not back home in time to advise against the wisdom of putting the four-year-old in the bathtub with a floor full of hair right next to it.

Clean up from hell.

I was home in time to advise against the mohawk idea, but it didn't matter. I was out-voted 3-1.

And so okay, I guess I think it's kinda cute, in a "baseball season ONLY" kind of way. But after that, it's gone! (And I'm sticking to my guns on that one.)

What I Wore Wednesday


First off, thank you for the lovely comments on yesterday's video clip of my daughter's worship song. It just tickled me pink to read them out loud to Kendall, who I'm pretty sure is ready to write 100 more songs now :)

And now back to our regularly scheduled programming...

Last Wednesday
(carnival night at church)
Shade tee, thrifted Target jeans, Famous footwear shoes, thrifted necklace

(prayer group)
Old Navy cardy, Target dress & wedges, thrifted Target jeans

(date night for our 13th Anniversary!)
Dress Barn top, same jeans as always, Famous Footwear wedges, Wet Seal necklace, Fred Meyer's bracelet

(church, family barbecue)
Old Navy shirt, Target maxi dress, thrifted sandals

(baseball game)
Thrifted H&M top, Shade cami underneath, same jeans again, Target sandals, thrifted bracelet, gifted Hawaiian necklace

And five is all I've got for ya this week! 

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