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What I Wore Wednesday


I'll be honest and say this is not a very exciting week of outfits, folks. 

Baseball season has begun and after Cooper's first game, in which I froze my patootie off after the first hour, I decided I was better off sticking with tennis shoes and a hoodie. 

What I'm getting at is that my outfit posts might be slim for the next month or so.

Last Wednesday
(dentist appointment)
 Kohl's sweater, Old Navy blouse, Target jeans & sandals

(Cooper's first baseball game)
 Target, Target, and more Target

On Friday I left for the coast for a church women's retreat and completely forgot to take a picture of my outfit. When I remembered on Saturday I thought, Oh, I'll just put it on again when I get home to take a picture. Which is funny because, yeah right, like I was going to remember to do that any sooner than 5 minutes ago. Oops. (It was cute too.)

(women's retreat at the coast)
 Thrifted sweater, Target dress, Walmart leggings, Payless sandals

(women's retreat at the coast)
Bass outlet tank, Dress Barn maxi skirt, Payless sandals

So I had a little fun shopping at the outlet mall in Seaside, OR. Where there is sadly not that great a selection of stores and you are forced to find what you can at places named The Dress Barn. 
Not that I'm complaining though, because check out the cute maxi!

And then I returned home for more baseball and I think I already explained the non-fashion that's going on there. So happy Wednesday! 

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  1. The yellow top you wore to the dentist is adorable! Might as well look cute in that chair, huh? :) And I love your first outfit for the retreat. That dress is always adorable. :)

  2. Absolutely LOVE the yellow old navy top! CUTE!

  3. LOVE that Saturday outfit!!! May have to run to Target to see if I can find it or something similar!!! : )

  4. The first outfit is my favorite!! Love that sweater.

    I also love your previous post and that your husband bugs you for a baby. That is the cutest. :)

  5. you look great in that yellow top! yellow looks terrible with my skin but you rock it!

  6. oh, i like that long skirt! looks so cozy.

    you are always so cute.

  7. Just found you on the link-up at ...Cute Maxi Skirt! I live in Texas now but I'm from Oregon, I go to Gearhart every summer and always stop by the Seaside outlet malls! pippa

  8. I have to say, Dress Barn's stuff lately has been pretty impressive. Love that maxi on you! I also love the yellow top you're wearing. Very cute.

  9. Cute outfits as always. I love the yellow and the gray in last Wednesday's outfit, so fun and I LOVE the dress in Saturday's outfit.

  10. Cute as always Jodi love the way you do different things over leggins and jeans when I get thinner I hope to take some inspiration from you and do some of that to.

  11. GUESS WHAT?!?!

    I bought some skirts. Like, 3! That brings my total skirt count up to... 3! I'm living wild, in this 30th year of mine.

    And it's totally because I'm copying you. :)

  12. Hahaha, Lindsey! Good for you! I just happen to be wearing one today, myself :) Thanks for all the comments, everyone!

  13. I love your maxi skirt! Very pretty! :)

  14. I'm way behind reading your post..but Tuesday big thumbs up ..and did I mention, I love your bathroom :D

  15. Thank you, Mum (even though there was no Tuesday ;)