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We've got bounce


You guys, I was going to blog last night all about our non-exciting weekend doings, but I was sucked into the dark and mysterious world of My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding and that was the end of that. That show is Craaazy!

But a short update:
1. Russ doesn't have a new car yet.
2. Costco is not really fun on Sunday afternoons.
3. I need Russ to find a car pronto.

In other news, something super awesome happened this morning. My mother, who swims at the local pool several mornings a week, overheard a fellow swimmer offering up a free trampoline and jumped on the lady and wrestled her to the ground in order to claim it for us. Or she might have politely tapped her on the shoulder and said she knew a family that would be interested, the details are unclear.

Mum did this because while we have a trampoline, it is the kind with stretch bands instead of springs, and all the children in the world (or at least the ones that have been to our house) will tell you that it is NO GOOD. THERE IS NO BOUNCE. So our kids have been asking and asking for a new one, and I'm sure you can guess how high that's been on our priority list. Right up there with my laser hair removal treatments. (Oh yes, I will have them one day.)


We called the lovely swimming lady when Russ came home with the car, and went and picked it up! 100% free, 100% awesomely bouncy. And this is what our evening tonight looked like...

(And then I died from excessive breathlessness. But I did NOT pee my pants, so it was still a win.)


  1. WOW Jodi... splits and everything and STILL no accidental peeing... so very impressed!!!

  2. This is so cool...I'm so excited. God Bless you Mindy. Awesome capture shots..and a pretty impressive split shot miss Jodi.

  3. LOVE your picture Jodi! Can I even do that?! Nice bounce! -Christine

  4. Not to digress from the wonderful bouncing (great split move by the way!) but whoever mowed the lawn did an awesomely impressive job!!

  5. Why thank you, everyone, and haha Tricia, yes the lawn looks spectacular thanks to a certain nephew you might know...

  6. New subscriber here! Love your funny!!!