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Some things that happened over the weekend


Between yard work, shopping with my sister, a niece's birthday party, church, Sunday lunch at the in-laws, and two kid sleepovers, it was a pretty full weekend. Here's a few things of note that happened in between...

- I went to a garage sale and bought myself some new-in-the-box bumpits. Of bumpit fame.
Big Happie Hair Bumpits Hair Volumizing Inserts (Set of 5) - Brown
They were only a .25 cents, so I thought what can it hurt to try, right? Except so far I've tried and failed. But given that I normally spend 5 minutes or less styling my hair, the failure can only be attributed to lack of trying for longer than 5 minutes. I will keep you updated if I achieve bumpit success.

- I watched the movie The Grey with my husband. Yes, the grisly killer wolf movie with Liam Neeson that I'd heard nothing good about. And I'll tell you, there is nothing good to tell. Don't watch it. And don't start watching it with the idea that you'll just go to bed if it's too scary, because while it WILL be too scary, you won't be able to make yourself leave until you find out if anybody is going to make it out alive, and all you'll end up with is the urge to smack the film's writers on the head, and another animal to add to your "deathly afraid of" list. (Mine includes cougars and bears. And now wolves.)

- I made these donuts with Kendall and her friend, Molly.

Ingredients: refrigerated biscuits, vegetable oil, and sugar.
It was actually my first foray into the world of deep-frying, and even easier than I expected. (Obviously, seeing as that really all I did was supervise.) They were yummy too! Which is how I ended up sneaking almost all of the donut holes while the girls weren't looking. Shhhh ;)

So, with the exception of my massive bout of ill-judgment in the movie-watching department, another fun weekend went down in the books. Happy Monday!


  1. I have always been fascinated by Bumpits, but I don't think my hair would be long enough to have any success with them. :(

  2. yumm donuts yay send some this way. Can't wait to see the bumped doo... and please do a tut I have no idea how to use them.

  3. ..Ok, so now I maybe won't watch that movie after all...darn it!..does nobody survive?!

  4. You make me smile...that is why I read!