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A Pinspired baby shower


My sister Kelly and I threw a baby shower this week for our friend Annie and basically stole every. single. idea we used from Pinterest.

Let's take a little tour, shall we? 

Here comes trouble sign - stolen copied right off Pinterest thanks to my sister's mad photoshop and printmaster skills. The shower invites matched. 

Balloon entry - pinspired.

Flag banners (also above the dining room window and in the living room) - pinspired.

Veggie cups with ranch on the right - pinspired. (Cute menu made and framed by Kelly)

Mini-fruit pizza bar - pinspired. (And total hit! Pilsbury refrigerated cookie dough + chopped up fruit + a simple frosting of marshmallow cream & cream cheese = easiest dessert ever.)

Lime & yellow flower arrangement - pinspired.

Clothesline with onesies to decorate - pinspired. (And seen at another shower I went to recently... I immediately loved the idea of doing this instead of playing the more traditional shower games.)

This was tons of fun! We had pre-made shapes to trace (all pinspired) but several ladies got creative and made up their own design (see below). With double sided fusing it was as simple as picking your fabric, tracing and cutting the shape and quickly ironing it on the onesie on the ironing board set up in the corner.

Custom BBQ man made by our friend Tracy, in honor of Annie's husband who runs his own BBQ catering business.

Unique onesies for baby Timothy! (Please note the bottom center design. Kendall traced the cute star and made her own shooting star trail coming out of it. It was adorable. Until she decided, in classic 10-year-old girl style, that it needed more. Hence the "interesting" addition of a large piece of  fabric with a swaddled baby on top of it!)

The happy mama :)

And some of the lovely ladies present. 

Hosts - I'm liking how I look extra tall with my wedge booties next to Kelly's bare feet.

It was a fun night! We were really pleased with how everything turned out, even though we didn't go to great lengths decorating-wise and kept it pretty simple. I love simple! 

and I love Pinterest :)


  1. What a great shower you put on! And I love the onesie idea - I actually went to a baby shower a coupla years ago where we did this. I was NOT proud of how my onesie turned out. Everyone else's seemed to be so much cuter. Ah well.

    My sister and I recently hosted a bridal shower and did the sugar cookie topped with fruit idea from pinterest, also. I think I ate about 10 fruit topped cookies, they were so good. I also did the veggie with dip in a cup idea recently at my son's First Communion. What in the world would we do if we didn't have pinterest and had to come up with our own ideas??

    Have a great weekend!

  2. Thanks, Barb! If it makes you feel any better I probably did the plainest onesie of all... the little mustache one :) I also ate about 3 people's share of fruit pizza cookies. And OH the world without Pinterest would be a sad world for the naturally uncreative! ;)

  3. Morning Jodi that was so cool to see loved every inch of it the balloons the onesies and best of all it looks like everyone had a great bunch of fun. Have a great weekend.. I gotta get on face book and pinterest... I am so out of it lol

  4. That came off beautifully!! Love how you combined all your Pinterest ideas!! I'm sure your friend was abundantly blessed! Love how the onesies turned out! :)

  5. Awesome! I love the menu and the balloon entry! :)