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He's loving...
The latest update that our home mortgage will be completely paid off in 6.15 years... before any kids have graduated high school and headed off to college.
(I like to remind him of pleasant thoughts like this when I accidentally go over the grocery budget by $52.00.)

(He's also loving watching White Collar on my laptop now that he's all caught up on Burn Notice. 
I miss you, laptop!)

She's loving...
her new "Narnia" coat.

Which she uses to reenact the wardrobe scene...
And her Daddy for buying it for her at what could only be termed a questionable yard sale.

(Her mother would have died and and then rolled over in her grave before bringing that behemoth home from that particular yard sale. She accepted her fate with grace however and thoroughly sterilized it in the wash. So where's MY love, Kendall?!)

He's loving...
His new Lego club magazine.

Which inspires drawings like this one:
(drawn yesterday)

He's loving...
Playing with his older brother's Legos when older brother isn't around to confiscate them all.
(They're all special. Yes, every one, Mom.)

And I'm loving...
A warm fire on this dull rainy day.

And my husband for building it for me because he loves me :) 


  1. I'm cracking up at Kendall's Narnia coat... and think it's kind of cute that when Russ saw it he brought it home for her. He is so very good at finding thoughtful things for each of the family members.

    Also...Cooper your artwork is AWESOME!!! I can't wait to show Hayden this picture later, he'll think it's amazing. Cooper is his art idol!

  2. I Amen to all Kelly said, awesome post, great pics..and Coop, I love your are just fantastic !! thank you the paintings you left on my table ;D

  3. Nice job on the mortgage!! Very commendable! That coat is awesome... nice Narnia scene! :)

  4. I love the Narnia coat! Awesome!