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(Oops, Friday got away from me.)

Here's what we've been up to the past week, as told by my cell phone.

Alright, this was from the week before last but I forgot to add it last Friday... our final bible study of the school year, enjoyed down at the river. Beautiful setting, no?

My Mother's Day weekend at the beach. Gorgeous weather, candy store, ice cream stop, and relaxing on a blanket in the sun when I got home. 

Cooper, in the middle of telling me 1000 jokes. He likes to memorize them and then tell as many as he can really fast before you get tired and say you've had enough. My fake laugh has had LOTS of practice ;)

Kendall and her friend Katie being ninjas. Which I was just fine with until they locked themselves in the boys bedroom, popped out the window screen, and escaped ninja style, leaving a locked door behind with no one to open it!

Ninjas! I tell ya....

Blake's first framed artwork. A basketball hoop and basketballs. Right now it is being proudly displayed in the middle of our dining room table.

And now... scenes from the garden.

 My lilac bush and one of my colorful flower gardens. Oh, they make me happy!

Aaaannnd, evidence that I can NOT be trusted to move old stone garden fixtures.

On the left we have what was once my lovely stone bench, now legless and footless, and on the right we have my birdbath, which I was just trying to move a couple of feet! Darn crumbly concrete...

I'm gardening some more and hitting a few garage sales today, hope you're enjoying your weekends!

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  1. Great pics! Your kids are such a hoot; I just love it! :)

    I am so addicted to instagram!

    Have a great weekend!

  2. Hahah I am laughing so hard at the ninja story! That's priceless! How did you manage to open the bedroom door again, did you have to climb back through the window?

  3. wow, that picture of your B study at the river is world class scenery..I would be so distracted-

  4. Holly, luckily we have a little tool that unlocks the doors from the hallway side that we keep above the doorjamb. LUCKILY.

  5. Nice Bible study ambiance!! :)

    Today my son came out of school with his stretchy black book cover stretched over his head like a Ninja... it must be in the air.