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Oh, happy weekend, I'm glad you're here.

I'm linking up with Jeannett to share my phone pics recapping a bit of our life this past week.
life rearranged

Surprise family date night last weekend to take the kids to see Pirates, Band of Misfits (they didn't figure it out till we pulled into the theater parking lot :) And of course no family outing would be complete without a stop at Yogurt Shack.

I'd say we had an unhealthy addiction to that place, except frozen yogurt is healthy, right? So the more visits the merrier!

Our neighbors threw a huge neighborhood party/50th birthday bash last weekend and had this set up in their yard... every kid's dream! And there wasn't a long line of kids like at the fair so they could all just stay on it and play the whole time. So basically it was the party babysitter - awesome.

This was also there, and that would be Kendall screaming her head off the Entire. Time. Both turns. 
(How cool are our neighbors?)

 The newest member of our family and addition to our bedroom. Hello, exercise... we meet again.

A sweet little treat Russ brought home for me out of the blue. I'm telling you, I think he's finally got my "gifts" love language thing down!

We get our small-town paper once a week and I have started doing the crossword puzzle inside. Except this is about as far as I get before giving up because frankly, I really suck at crossword puzzles.


(Note to my future self so I'll believe they were once this sweet together ;)

Enjoy the weekend, friends!


  1. You really have awesome neighbors. I enjoyed my visit here today. I hope you have a great week.

  2. wow, that is quite the fiesta! i remember hating bounce houses when i was little (too stimulating for me!), but my baby seems to LOVE them.

  3. Very cool neighbors! How fun! :) And it is great when kids have those sweet moments... glad you caught one on film!! :)

  4. Wow I love the giant inflatable slide! That looks fun! :O