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Cloud 9


That's where my husband is right now.
2006 VW Jetta TDI (diesel)
He's loving his puurty new car, and so am I... no longer will I have to avoid driving the car of shame whenever Russ needs the Pilot!

God once again blessed us with an amazing deal and exactly what we were wanting (one owner, PERFECT condition, super low miles, bought privately from a retiring couple who treated it as their baby. It's the year and model Russ wanted and averages 50 + mpg on the highway!)

Best moment of bringing it home yesterday: Blake asked Russ if it transformed :)

And so you can all appreciate what a step up this was for my husband...

I give you the Geo
 Please observe the lovely flames down the side and the caulked window with dried streaks down the glass.

And let us not forget the door with no interior panel or seat belt.

What a gem, right?

I think we can all agree that NOBODY should've been driving that thing.

Now please excuse me while I go test drive our new shiny baby... to Target :)


  1. That Geo is too funny! I am picturing your hubby driving it down the highway! So glad you found a great car for him! I have followed your blog for a long time and love it! I always look for your WIWW posts. Thanks for sharing!

  2. hahaha....i saw the flames before you mentioned them!! Love nice.

  3. Quite the step up! Congrats!

  4. It's beautiful! And sooooo deserved! Good find and I love it when people I love get blessed!

  5. Very nice! Can't wait to go Elk Hunting with him in it. I bet that little beauty will tear up them rough mountain roads... and an elk hanging out of the trunk would look really nice!

  6. What a great car!! So glad God provided you with such a great situation!! :)

    What will happen to the car of shame?