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Pin curls


Kendall asks me to do her hair in rag curls about once a week. And I comply a good 1 time out of 10, which I guess is still often enough to make her keep asking.

So yesterday when she asked again, and I said "not tonight, honey", again, she didn't act disappointed, and I (possibly still feeling magnanimous towards my children after the FOOT-RUNNING-OVER incident) had the spontaneous idea to try something new instead.

"How about pin curls?"

I mean, if pinterest can do it... why can't I?

Except if I followed that train of thought I probably should have actually looked it up on pinterest. Instead I just guessed how it worked and Kendall ended up looking like this:

Hello, Cindy Lou Who.

(Yeah, totally didn't know what I was doing.)

Kendall managed to sleep on that crazy do and here's what her hair looked like after we took the pins out this morning...

And after we separated the curls with our fingers...

Acceptable enough for Kendall's liking, but I think I'll twist and pin a little less zealously next time.


  1. My thoughts exactly Tricia... but when you're as cute as Kendall, it's hard to look bad with anything! Even Cindy Lou Who is adorable on her!

  2. Adorable, adorable and one more adorable:)

  3. Cute! I think she looks adorable even with the pin curls in! :)

  4. Aww I think it looks really cute! :)