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Over Easter weekend...


THIS happened. 
Turns out tall bunnies are not to be taken lightly, even with Mom holding on to you for "protection". 

We were at our small town's annual egg hunt at the park - our first time attending! 

After collecting eggs Blake warmed up enough to wave from a safe distance. And a fun time was had by all. 

However, while we were gone our dog escaped and ran away for the first time ever, leading to mass family panic for the following hour until we discovered (in a very very roundabout way) that a lady had stopped and picked her up and taken her 7 MILES AWAY to her house. Thankfully we were able to get her back safely and the dognapper turned out to be a kind dog-rescuer.

After that my sister and I took our boys to Target and I may or may not have purchased my second maxi-dress in one week. 
{Blake and Cooper with cousins Hayden and Elijah} 
I'm sure you can imagine what a quiet and peaceful group we were while shopping. 

Easter Sunday turned out to be the most beautiful day we've had all spring, and this brings me to the part where I show you way too many pictures. 

It can't be helped, I'm sorry. 

 Easter service. 

 Kids choir.

The "iddy biddy" choir. (ADORABLE)

Besides the fact that one of my shoes literally FELL APART during worship, it was a great service!

We had a big family lunch afterwards at my Nanna's. 

 And a Resurrection egg hunt and story time with the kids before doing the outdoor egg hunt. 

We also made a big to-do over my brother's face when he showed up. Riding bicycles in Portland can be dangerous if you hit a bush and crash and then your buddy riding behind you runs over your head on accident.
True story.  

Heading out on a tractor ride with Grandpa Duke. 

We ended the day by popping over to Russ's sister and brother-in-law's where his side of the family had gathered, and had a lovely evening sitting outside chatting, watching the kids play baseball, and marveling every 5 minutes or so at the warm weather (I'm telling you, it was niiiiice).

It was a gloriously lovely Easter. 


  1. Looks like a wonderful Easter! Yep, those big bunnies can be scary :(

  2. Awesome recap..( ( poor Blake )yes, it was gloriously lovely weather all day ..well worth multiple mentions.

  3. Looks like you had a great Easter, although that giant bunny is pretty darn creepy! :O