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Monday Confessional


You know those nights where you leave dinner plans to the last minute because you're busy doing other things and/or you just don't feel like starting cooking yet, and then realize it's almost 5 pm and your son has a baseball practice at 5:30 and you should probably feed him before he leaves?

I make spaghetti in those situations. A few minutes to boil the water, 9 minutes to cook the noodles, throw on some Prego and Parmesan cheese and voila, a completely average and uninteresting dinner is served.

Last Thursday night I found myself in exactly that scenario, except it wasn't just my son who needed to leave, but my husband who was going with him (husband who turns to the dark side when overly hungry.) So I quickly got out my large black stockpot with the glass lid and set it on the stove to boil the water. While waiting to put the pasta in I assembled everything else I needed and loaded the dishwasher. Once that chore was finished I was disgusted to see that my slowest heating stovetop in the WORLD had still not brought my pot of water to a boil. Not a single bubble. I made sure I had the right burner on and that it was working and then decided that the saying "a watched pot never boils" may extend to being in the same room as the pot, and wandered into the living room to check my email, figuring I'd hear the lid start to rattle when the water got rolling.

15 minutes later, I remembered the water with a yelp and rushed into the kitchen to stare down through the silent lid in dismay... Still. No. Bubbles. What the heck?!

So I lifted the lid. And realized I'd forgotten the very important step of ADDING WATER to the pot.

Let's just say that Cooper took a muffin to practice and the grownup accompanying him was NONE TOO HAPPY.

Glass lids can be very deceptive.

I am a kitchen disaster.


  1. LOL oh dear! That definitely sounds like something I would do! :O

  2. Oh my! You had me in suspense the whole time. I was as confused as you why the water was not boiling!:0

  3. I usually turn the wrong burner on, but haven't tried the "forgot to add water trick". Maybe next time?

  4. I love it Jod..this comes very close to my "exploding eggs into infinity" ! ( nice pre boil had the ground all but covered .)

  5. Haha... I've burned water more than once. At least you didn't scorch the pan!! I hate that smell!! :)